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In the short-form horror series '4 Minutes, 44 Seconds,' Onew, Sungyeol, Yoo Ji Ae, Sowon, and others will star.

'4 Minutes, 44 Seconds,' an eight-part short-form digital series from Lotte Entertainment, will be on display.

Each episode lasts exactly 4 minutes and 44 seconds and focused on tragic situations that occur inside a constrained apartment complex. Onew from SHINee, Sungyeol from INFINITE, Yoo Ji Ae from Lovelyz, Sowon from GFriend, Lim Na Young, Kwon Hyun Bin, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Soo Min, Park Tae In, Jang Young Nam, Jo Ji Seung, Ryu Sung Hyun, and Ham Yeon Ji are among the cast members.

'4 Minutes, 44 Seconds' is now under production. Do you believe you can be terrified in '4 Minutes, 44 Seconds'? 


211201 Weekly Idol Episode 539 Weki Meki's Choi Yoo-jung and senior Eun-hyuk's dance Eng Sub


Weekly Idol' Weki Meki's Choi Yoo-jung and Super Junior's Eun-hyuk will perform a special dance collaboration.

Weekly Idol' (hereinafter 'Weekly Child'), which will be aired on MBC Every1 at 8 pm on MBC M and 12 pm on Wednesday, December 1, is a comeback with the title song 'Siesta' of the 5th mini album 'I AM ME.' Weki Meki appears and exudes 100% of its fresh and lively charm.

On this day, Weki Meki's self-proclaimed personal talent, Choi Yoo-jung, is showing various talents and charms and making an outstanding performance, raising expectations from viewers. Choi Yoo-jung will show everything from her professional field of powerful dance to her personal skills that make her mother smile.

Choi Yoo-jung, who is called the male idol cover dance 'artisan', revealed that she wants to cover Super Junior's 'Devil' from the opening day. Next, MC Eunhyuk accepts Choi Yoojung's proposal, and the stage of a special collaboration between seniors and juniors in the music industry is accomplished. For the perfect stage, Eunhyuk immediately gives Choi Yoojung a choreography instruction. Afterwards, Choi Yoo-jung showed a more skillful dance move than the original songwriter Eun-hyuk, making everyone admire.

Choi Yoo-jung does not stop at this, but also shows the so-called 'grandjeol' motion of standing with her head on the palm of her hand. Choi Yoo-jung, who had taken a stable posture, soon revealed a sense of entertainment with a somewhat lax aspect, coloring the studio with a sea of ​​laughter.

Choi Yoo-jung's diverse talents that induce a mother's smile and the bouncy charms of the Weki Meki members can be seen on 'Weekly Idol', which will be broadcast on MBC M at 8 pm on Wednesday, December 1 and MBC Every1 at 12 pm.

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211129 BTS's Jin transforms into the 'Squid Game' doll backstage at Day 2 of 'Permission To Dance: On Stage' concert

 Jin went under a very 'Squid Game' transformation during a recent 'Permission To Dance: On Stage' concert this weekend.

On November 29 KST, the BTS member took to the fan community platform Weverse to share an image of him backstage, captioning it with, "The Rose of Sharon has bloomed," the Korean version of what the 'Squid Game' doll says during the 'red light, green light' competition. In the image, he is not only posed like the doll but also wearing his hair in a similar pigtail look secured with red ribbons, wanting to give fans a laugh.

Meanwhile, BTS recently held the first two days of their 'Permission To Dance: On Stage' concert series in Los Angeles this past weekend. The next two concert dates are December 1 and 2. All seats for this concert are sold out, and the performances are expected to seat at least 200,000 spectators in total.

Check out the full photo below!

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211129 BTS Becomes First Artist To Sell Out 4 Concerts At SoFi Stadium

BTS has set a new SoFi Stadium record!

BTS’s offline concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA” is taking place at the SoFi Stadium on November 27, November 28, December 1, and December 2, for a total of four shows.

Christy Castillo Butcher, SoFi Stadium’s Senior Vice President of Programming, revealed on November 29, “We are very happy that BTS’s historic first concert in the U.S. since 2019 is being held at SoFi Stadium. BTS sold out four shows for the first time in SoFi Stadium history. This concert achieved the highest ticket sales among any concert held by a single band or artist at the SoFi Stadium.”

Located in Inglewood, California, SoFi Stadium was opened in September 2020. When used as a venue for concerts or events, SoFi Stadium normally has a maximum capacity of 100,000 seats. However, some of the seats are unavailable for BTS’s concert due to a large screen that is placed behind the stage, making the maximum number of available seats approximately 50,000. The concert is also being livestreamed at the YouTube Theater, which has a capacity of 6,400 seats.

Christy Castillo Butcher shared, “It’s also the first time that the live concert and YouTube Theater livestream are taking place simultaneously.”

Congratulations, BTS!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

211129 BLACKPINK's Lisa sets a new record on YouTube with the exclusive performance video for 'MONEY'

BLACKPINK's Lisa has once again set a new record on YouTube with her first solo album's b-side "MONEY."

According to YG Entertainment on November 29th around 4:11 AM KST, Lisa's exclusive performance video for "MONEY" surpassed 300 million views on YouTube. It has only been 66 days since it was released on September 24th, and it made the record for the shortest time for a K-pop dance practice video to reach 300 million views on YouTube.

Previously, the shortest period of time it took for a performance video to reach 300 million views was BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" which took 76 days. Lisa wrote a new history on YouTube by refreshing her record by about 10 days faster.

Meanwhile, the same track "MONEY" also made Lisa the longest-running K-Pop female solo artist on 'Billboard Hot 100'. Congratulations, Lisa!

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Why Did You Come to My House - Park Hyung Sik And Han So Hee Confirmed To Star In New Romance Drama By “Vincenzo” Director

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee will be starring together in an exciting new drama!

On November 29, it was confirmed that the two actors would both be appearing in the upcoming drama “Soundtrack #1” (literal title), which was formerly known as “Why Did You Come to My House.”

Helmed by director Kim Hee Won of “Vincenzo” and “The Crowned Clown,” “Soundtrack #1” will be a music romance drama about a man and woman who have been friends for 20 years. When the two longtime friends wind up living together for two weeks, they slowly begin to realize their feelings for one another.

Park Hyung Sik will star in the drama as male lead Han Sun Woo, a rising photographer who is a man of few words, but has a warm and caring personality. Han So Hee will star as Lee Eun Soo, a fun and honest lyricist who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

“Soundtrack #1” is currently slated to premiere in 2022.

Are you excited to see Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee in this new drama?

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211128 TWICE become the first Korean act to surpass 950,000 followers on LINE MUSIC

 LINE MUSIC is one of Japan's most popular and on-demand music streaming services.

On LINE MUSIC, the female group has already surpassed 950,000 followers, making them the first Korean act and girl group to accomplish so. BTS, with 930,000 followers, and BIGBANG, with 570,000 followers, are TWICE's biggest fans. TWICE is also the first Korean artist to reach the 500,000-900,000 following mark.

Meanwhile, the group's 9th Japanese winter single, 'DOUGHNUT,' will be released on December 15 KST/JST.


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Gentleman and Lady Episode 20 Ji Hyun-woo, kissing Lee Se-hee... postponed marriage to Park Ha-na - English Sub

'Gentleman and Lady' Ji Hyun-woo kissed Lee Se-hee's lips.

In the KBS2 weekend drama 'Gentleman and Lady', which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 28th, a scene in which Ji Hyun-woo, who had postponed his marriage to Park Ha-na, kissed Lee Se-hee was broadcast.

On this day, Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyeon-woo) and Jo Jo-ra (Park Ha-na) decided to get married, and the late lawyer (Lee Ru) explained, "You told me you were dating a woman with a big age gap." When he said that he had met a young lady, Lee Young-guk asked who it was, but the lawyer said, "You didn't even tell me who it was. But you worried a lot.”

Lee Young-guk sighed and said, "I think I'm having an affair. This is a secret. How hurt would it be if my sister-in-law found out,” he said, embarrassing the lawyer. Recalling his father who abandoned his mother and cheated on him, Lee Young-guk was shocked that he had done such a bad thing.

Lee Young-guk knelt in front of Jo Jo-ra and begged forgiveness, saying that he had committed a mortal sin. He said, "I betrayed my sister-in-law and had an affair with a woman who was a long time younger than me, but I said that I would forgive her. I can't forgive why I did that to leaving such a kind and angelic senior manager, Cho. The forty-one-year-old me was corrupt and a bad guy. I don't even want to go back."

To Lee Young-guk who asked if he had left the house because he had an affair with a younger woman, Josa Ra replied, “No. I didn't know. Attorney Go, you must have misunderstood something. Chairman, you have been faithful to me. Perhaps if there was a younger woman, it was not that the president liked it, but she unilaterally pursued it.”

Impressed by the words, Lee Young-guk swore to Josora that he would do well. Recalling Lee Young-guk's words as Jo Jo, who returned home, he said, "Is this obviously about Mr. Park? How do lawyers know that? President, did you tell the lawyer everything before the accident? So you're saying that the young woman is Mr. Park, and all the lawyers know? Okay, how did I get here? I'll check it myself." He stood up.

Lee Young-guk prepared a villa event to undo Josora's heart. Park Dan-dan (Lee Se-hee) became depressed when Lee Young-guk was about to propose to Josara.

Ana Kim (Il-Hwa Lee), who came to the hairdresser to change her hairstyle, remembered the good times with Dan-Dan Park and Park Soo-Chul (Jong-Won Lee) and said, 'In the beginning, the three of us were a real family. Even if the world curses me for being a bad bitch, it's okay to be punished. I will now be next to him next to my daughter.” Ana Kim, who asked Park Soo-cheol to exchange lighting, asked him about Park Dan-dan's childhood and spent a friendly time.

Lee Gi-ja (Lee Hwi-hyang), who stole Wang Dae-ran (Cha Hwa-yeon)'s gold and jewelry and turned it into money, went to see the building. After completing the contract, Lee Gi-ja said, "I'm not the one who pays the rent, but I'm the owner of the rent, right? Thank you mom and dad,” she cried.

Lee Young-guk, who found Josora's house, told Lee Ki-ja that he would go to the villa with him. Lee Ki-ja, excited by the appearance, invited Jang Dae-ran to have a party with Jang Mi-sook (Lim Ye-jin).

I was moved by Lee Young-guk, who prepared the dishes and roses at Jojo's villa. Lee Young-guk, who was delighted with Josora that the food was delicious, handed him a ring while picking wine, and said, “I heard that Mr. Cho’s older sister doesn’t have a ring. I guess I didn't even buy a ring," he said.

Josora saw the ring on her hand and lied, saying, "It's not that, the president said he would buy it, but I refused to buy it when we got married." Lee Young-guk told him to forget what he did wrong to do better, and Jo Jo-ra hugged him and smiled. Lee Young-guk, who was about to kiss Josora, pushed him away and panicked.

Josa Ra, who returned to the room and was bewildered, said, “How can you push me at that moment? crazy child.” Jojora came out again to Lee Young-guk's text message that we should talk outside.

Lee Young-guk said to Jo Jo-ra, "I'm really sorry. What I pushed earlier was reflexively without my knowledge. I'm here today to make a new history in our relationship with the real director noona Cho, right? However, it seems that the older sister of Director Cho is only seen as a real older sister.”

In response to Josora's suggestion to try, Lee Young-guk said, "I can't even kiss, but should I try? We're just going home today." Josa Ra, who was left alone, smirked, saying, “The bad guy.”

Park Dae-beom (Ahn Woo-yeon), who was running a yakitori business alone, tried hard to promote it, but lost power. At this time, I was moved to tears when I saw Lee Se-ryun (Yoon Jin-i) in front of me. The two looked at each other in tears and ran to hug each other.

Se-ryun Lee took Park Dae-beom's hand and said, "Dae-beom, don't do this here, let's go with me. I fled to America to forget Mr. Daebeom. I tried to forget about it somehow. I can't do it. Just come with me, wherever you go. Don't think about anything else, just the two of us."

At that, Park Dae-beom said, "Let's do that. i will go with you I'll forget everything and leave everything to you." He hugged Lee Se-ryun again.

Jojora, who was drinking alone, called Cha-gun (Kang Eun-tak) and asked him to take him home. Jojora hugged him in the car that drove him to the front of the house and said, “I’m sorry. Thank you so much for coming today.”

In response to the refusal to accept the car, Josa Ra said, "You've been driving me for a while now. If you work, you get paid. You and I have nothing to do with you, so why don't you take money? Take it.” He disappeared into the house, and Cha-gun looked at him bitterly.

Recalling Lee Young-guk, who was drinking water, he said, “The president doesn’t think of me as a woman. They only think of me as an aunt. I'm just in my twenties. Yes, just get married next month. What if you don't see me as a woman? You just have to be the hostess of the house. That's it," he said firmly.

Dandan Park, drinking on the bench, imagined Josora and Lee Young-guk having a good time and said, “Crazy. Why am I imagining this? No matter what the two of you do or say, I have nothing to do with it." He shouted and drank.

Lee Young-guk, who was blaming himself for pushing Josora away, found Dan-dan Park walking. Dan Dan Park walked over saying it was all in vain and was surprised to find out that it was the real Lee Young-guk. Lee Young-guk, who caught Dan-dan Park who was about to pass by, said, "You didn't see me? I kept calling. Come and sit down,” he said.

Lee Young-guk, who was frustrated and wanted to consult, said, “It’s about my friend, right? A friend of mine said something was wrong with the woman she was about to marry, so she went to the villa to make a cool proposal to appease her. I kissed you and went to see you right? But you pushed the kissed girl away?” he explained.

When asked why she pushed her, Lee Young-guk said, "I have to marry that woman next month, but I can't kiss her, so what should I do? My friend?” he asked. Dan-Dan Park asked, "Isn't it because that friend likes both this and that woman and has two legs?"

At that, Lee Young-guk said, 'Awesome. How did Teacher Park's older sister know about that?' Dan Dan Park, clenching his fist, said, “Please tell that friend. Lamb legs are the worst thing in the world. Both legs must be ripped apart! All the cheaters must die.” He pretended to cut his throat and disappeared.

Upon returning home, Dan Dan Park smiled at Lee Young-guk, who said she could not kiss Josora, and shook her head, telling her to come to her senses. Lee Young-guk, who remembered pushing Josora, said, "Why did I do that? There is no other woman. Am I really the one who was going to marry the senior manager Cho's older sister?” he wondered.

Upon returning home, Cha Geon called Park Dae-beom and said that he had not returned, but it was turned off. Cha Yeon-sil (Oh Hyun-kyung), who came to the truck in a hurry, felt uneasy as she hadn't even cleaned it up. Park Dae-beom disappeared, and Cha Yeon-sil was lying in worry. Park Soo-cheol, who was carrying porridge, said that he had to go out and look for Cha Yeon-sil. At this time, Cha Yeon-sil received a text message from Park Dae-beom telling him to cool off.

Park Soo-cheol, who was looking for a job, met Sergeant Heo, who had spent his military years together. Sergeant Huh suggested Park Soo-cheol to try a chicken restaurant. When Park Soo-cheol told Sgt. Heo that he would not receive the rights money if he did, he was troubled.

Josa Ra, looking at the proposal ring, said, 'Yeah, I wouldn't have started if I had thought about that kind of pride. It's our Sejong (Seo Woo-jin) problem,' he thought. Josa Ra said to Lee Young-guk, "I'm fine. Considering the president's point of view, I think that might be the case. I think we were in too much of a hurry. Chairman, I suddenly lost all my memories, and the situation right now must be confusing, but I didn't care. So, by the way, we start over from the beginning. One by one,” he suggested.

Josa Ra, who said that their first date was going to a movie, went to the cinema with Lee Young-guk. Dan Dan Park, who went out to the stationery saying she had a business, saw Josora and Lee Young-guk moving and said, “I hope the president and the manager get married soon. That way, I will forget everything quickly.” He swallowed tears.

Dan Dan Park, who came to see Anna Kim, asked, “Is it still possible to say that we should go to America together last time?” Ana Kim replied that it was natural, and he said that Lee Young-guk had about six months left on his contract, so he could go after that.

Ana Kim was delighted that she would go in with her six months after finishing her work. In response to the question of what to prepare, Ana Kim smiled, saying that all she had to do was prepare to study English.

Ana Kim, holding Dan-Dan Park's hand, said, 'Thank you, Dan-Dan. I'm going with this mom. I'm done now,' I thought. Dan Dan Park also said, 'I'm leaving in 6 months. Until then, let's live for our children. I will only work hard at what I am assigned to do.”

Lee Young-guk, who was watching the movie, awkwardly ate the popcorn Josara gave him. He began to eat the popcorn with his hands, telling Josora to eat comfortably. Jojo watched the movie with her arms crossed and leaning on Lee Young-guk.

After watching the movie, Jojora asked to go to the forest in Seoul to eat pasta and go for a walk. Returning home, Lee Young-guk said, "I'm crazy. Why are you doing this? Director Jo's older sister and I are getting married, so being together is not fun and frustrating. What should I really do?”

Lee Young-guk, who opened the door to Josora who was about to enter his room, said to him, “I don’t feel sick to my stomach. You can't take medicine. You lied that you had a stomachache. I can't do it anymore. I think being honest is better for each other than lying and cheating. I don't like myself because it's so boring and uninteresting to be with the manager Jo's older sister, and even lie. No matter how hard I try, Director Cho's older sister only looks like an older sister. That's why I can't marry Mr. Cho's older sister. We are delaying our wedding,” he said firmly.

Josa Ra, who kept her mouth shut, ran out of the house saying, "Chairman, what are you doing to me!" Lee Young-guk, who followed Josora, said, “Yes. no more I don't want to force myself to live with things I can't remember anymore."

Lee Young-guk, who gathered the children and Dan-dan Park, said, "Everyone in this family knows that I can only remember until the age of 22 because my memory is broken. So, I hope you don't force me to do things I can't remember in the future. You say they are my children, but I still can't feel it. From now on, I will think of you as a cute little brother. I want you to think of me as a comfortable older brother and older brother living with me. I'm not going to force myself to do something that can't be done in the future. I'll just live to be twenty-two. So no one stops me!” he declared.

The next day, Lee Young-guk, who called Park Dandan with the children, said that we should go exercise. When Dan Dan Park, who was playing catch, missed the ball, he ran to find the ball and Lee Young-guk moved with him. Dan Dan Park, who found the ball, slipped and fell and rolled with Lee Young-guk.

Lee Young-guk, seeing Dan-dan Park, kissed him. Park Dan-dan, surprised, slapped Lee Young-guk on the cheek.

Running Man Ep 581 Ji Suk-jin, in the controversy over dinner expenses, "Yoo Jae-suk is the best hyung for money" (Running Man) [General]

Actors Jin Ji-hee, Oh My Girl Arin, and ATEEZ's San appeared in '99'.
In the SBS 'Running Man' broadcast on the 28th, a scene where celebrities born in 1999, Jin Ji-hee, Arin, and San appeared as guests, got on the air.

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok opened his mouth saying, "The biggest issue right now is Jihyo's short cut." Jeon So-min said, "Ji-hyo decided to buy her brother's heart. Don't you know 'Coffee Prince'? ' he muttered.

Song Ji-hyo exclaimed, "What kind of bullshit. Be quiet," and Yoo Jae-suk exclaimed, "Ji-hyo is the most handsome among our members while cutting her hair."

It was also mentioned that Ji Suk-jin went home first during the dinner party. Yoo Jae-suk revealed that Jeon So-min's manager was at work, and Ji Suk-jin noticed that he had to take Jeon So-min home.

Furthermore, Yoo Jae-suk said, "The only ones So-min can take me to are hyung and me. I took them. So it took two and a half hours to get to our house."

In addition, Ji Suk-jin nailed the allegation that he passed on the calculation of the dinner expenses to Yoo Jae-suk, saying, "For money, he is the best brother." Haha asked, "Okay. I admit that I saved money. Why didn't you take So-min?" Ji Suk-jin blamed Jeon So-min, saying, "I firmly believed that Jae-seok would take you.

After that, Jin Ji-hee, Arin, and San appeared as guests. Yoo Jae-seok introduced, "Our Jin Ji-hee is 23 years old this year. It's been 19 years since her debut. She debuted earlier than some of us here. She debuted in a drama in 2003. It's a drama called 'Yellow Handkerchief'."

Yoo Jae-suk was puzzled, "Is this your first appearance on 'Running Man'? I think it's the first time I've come out," and Jin Ji-hee confessed that he wanted to appear on 'Running Man' since the second year of middle school.

Yoo Jae Suk asked, “How are you doing after finishing season 3 of ‘Penthouse’? The members were envious of college life, and Yoo Jae-suk recalled, "I spent four years in my freshman year and went through only one semester thoroughly. I didn't miss MT."

Kim Jong Kook was happy to say that he had experience collaborating with ATEEZ, and praised San's physique. San trembled, saying, "Your brother is eating protein hard these days."

Not only that, the production team said, "Today is the race of the prophets at the end of the century with 99s born in 1999. It is the last day of 1999, when Nostradamus predicted the end of the earth. If you endure today well, you can safely welcome the new millennium.

'Running Man' Haha-Yang Se-chan, Nostra & Damus... Ji Suk-jin Penalty [General]

'Running Man' Haha and Yang Se-chan were Nostra and Damus.

In the SBS entertainment program 'Running Man', which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 28th, a special feature of 'The Prophets at the end of the century' was on the air.

On this day, on December 31, 1999, seven new human beings at the end of the century appeared in chaos. When Ha Jackson came out dancing as an invited guest who appeared at the end of the 20th century, Yoo Jae-suk said, "I've got a little stomach," and focused my attention on the slimmer belly compared to the 91st special.

Then Yoo Jae-suk said, "The biggest issue right now is Jihyo's short cut." Jeon So-min said, "Jihyo unnie finally decided to buy her brother's heart. 'Coffee Prince's 1st store' Yoon Eun-hye's unnie's hair."

Jeon So-min, who keeps talking about Yoon Eun-hye, Song Ji-hyo said, "What a bullshit. Be quiet,” he said, causing laughter. Yoo Jae-suk said, "Jihyo cut her hair like this and is the most handsome among the members. A style like Jihyo's hairstyle is not affected. Among our members, there are people who have a lot of influence on their hairstyle.” He said Yang Se-chan and Ji Suk-jin.

To Ji Suk-jin, who said that the stylist bought clothes at the old-fashioned shop, Yoo Jae-suk said, "It's not important, don't go to the bathroom for a group photo!" Ji Suk-jin expressed his sadness by saying, "Are you filming when I'm not there?"

Ji Suk-jin said, "I didn't go to the bathroom, I went first," said Jeon So-min, so I went quickly. i took it So it took us two and a half hours to get home. It rained that day and it was very clogged.”

At that time, Ji Suk-jin, who handed over the dinner eggs to Yoo Jae-suk, said, “This is a place that Jae-seok made, and Jae-seok asked to meet. I wonder if that's a bit of a permission violation? It was like In terms of money, he is the best brother!” He said, making me laugh.

At this time, 99s actors Jin Ji-hee, Oh My Girl Arin, and ATEEZ's San, who were born ahead of the new millennium, appeared as guests. All the members were surprised by Jin Ji-hee, who has grown so much. Yoo Jae-suk told Jin Ji-hee, "I'm 23 years old this year. Debut is 19 years old. Debut is faster than some people here,” he said, surprising the seniority of Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan.

Arin, who said “Running Man Kids,” said, “I wanted to try tearing name tags so I talked about it a lot in the interview. I am also Jin-hee..” He said of Jin-hee, exploding in embarrassment. Next, Yoo Jae-suk said to San's face, "It's a 21st century-style face," and Yang Se-chan said, "Jae-suk's face is next to .. a squid."

I have a special relationship with San since ATEEZ, who collaborated with Jongguk. Kim Jong-guk, admiring his broad shoulders, said, “I’m eating hyung’s protein hard,” bringing warmth.

Today's race is the last day of 1999, and if you endure today well, you can welcome the new millennium. However, there are two prophets, Nostra and Damus, who interfere with the happy new millennium.

At that, Kim Jong-guk exploded the suspicious radar and looked at Yang Se-chan. Prizes are accumulated for each mission. If you arrest Nostra and Damus in the final vote, you can get a prize money.

The prophets predict the ranking of each team before the mission, but your team must predict as the last place. The first mission was to shoot. With everyone wearing eyepatch, Nostra and Damus predicted the team's ranking.

Jeon So-min, who took off the eyepatch, said, "Suk-jin is like an older brother. No, he smells of perfume every time he moves," making everyone laugh. As the race began, Yang Se-chan found 99 badge lucky bags one after another, and Song Ji-hyo and Arin also began to find the lucky heads.

At this time, Yang Se-chan and Ji Suk-jin and Ji-hyo and Arin ran into each other, and the mountain quickly approached them. Yoo Jae-suk and Jin Ji-hee, who were watching, also joined. Yoo Jae-suk, aiming for a gap in the mountains, popped the balloons, and there was only one balloon left.

Arin, a black balloon, also started to burst, and at his high note, Yang Se-chan said, "It hurts my ears too much" and stepped back. After a close battle, Haha left the main camp and burst all of Song Ji-hyo's balloons to reload.

At this time, Yang Se-chan ran to the Red Headquarters and fired nine balloons indiscriminately. When Song Ji-hyo came back after bursting all the balloons, Kim Jong-guk, who was in the main camp, scrambled. In addition, Ji Suk-jin, who was bursting Arin's balloon, left him with one balloon and left him alive.

With Haha in the main camp, Kim Jong-guk and Yoo Jae-suk headed to the white team. While Jeon So-min was surrounded, Ha-ha ran to White's main camp, and San also caught it and ran. Driven by momentum, Yoo Jae-seok and Jin Ji-hee joined, and Kim Jong-guk signaled Arin to infiltrate the Red Headquarters.

In the absence of anyone, Arin didn't shoot the Red Bonjin balloon, but sat down, took the bullet and moved, amplifying the curiosity. While Arin was passing by, San appeared in Red Headquarters and confronted Yoo Jae Suk. Kim Jong-guk, who joined the Red Headquarters, put Yoo Jae-suk out and San-e popped all the Red Headquarters' balloons.

When Haha disappeared even after being asked to protect the main camp, Jin Ji-hee and Yoo Jae-seok doubted him. Haha, who became a spectator, said to the mountain he was running, “He is very fast. Do you think you're really cool right now?" he said, causing laughter.

San started to burst the balloon with a more serious stance than anyone else, and he even put a bullet in his mouth to explode the coolness. After protecting Arin, Haha said, "Did you see Arin protecting you? You're sitting down," he said coldly.

Kim Jong-guk's surprise was out to the White Headquarters and the game was over.

Haha was suspected of leaving the main camp and going to the enemy camp. Nostra earned 460,000 won by correcting the team ranking prediction. Because Damus' prediction was wrong, the citizens put four Damus candidates on the judging table. Under the insistence of bulldozer Kim Jong-guk, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Yang Se-chan, and San were nominated as finalists. As a result of the judgment, it was decided that Damus was among them.

Haha, who got into the car to move, praised Jihyo's short cut. To this, Kim Jong Kook said, "It doesn't suit you. Kids with nice faces look good with anything.” Yoo Jae-suk, who appeared at this time, said, "Why are you two sitting? I'm honestly serious. It's the opposite of dating while I'm working!" and Haha said, "She's married to Na Kyung-eun!" and shot Yoo Jae-suk, the icon of in-house dating.

Song Ji-hyo, who refers to Kim Jong-kook's MBTI, INFJ, Yoo Jae-seok said, "Jongkook is D. I am a protein human,” he said. Haha said, “F, protein human,” and covered her mouth with the wrong English.

The next pre-mission started with a game where you lose if the balloon touches the ground. Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo continued to conceded to Kim Jong-guk's skillful balloon flip. When Jin Ji-hee was pushed out of consciousness by Ji Suk-jin's move, the uncles' protests exploded. With Ji Suk-jin winning 3-2, Song Ji-hyo's last goal scored the two winners.

In addition, San, who became the main character of a thriller by herself, threw herself at Kim Jong-guk's mild attack and hit the ball. Jeon So-min also sat low on the floor and started to attack, and Yoo Jae-suk attacked down and conceded a goal.

To Kim Jong-guk, who was bound to Jeon So-min's face, Yoo Jae-seok said, "You don't have anything to look after So-min as much as this" and smiled. Then, Jeon So-min successfully avenged the fire moth by throwing a ball in Yoo Jae-suk's face. After 3 minutes, the green team San-Jeon So-min won.

As a result of the pre-mission final, the green team won 1st place with 2 wins and got additional votes.

The last mission is a rule of thumb to climb to the top of the soapy water slope and attach your name tag to the millennium. The first team to attach all the name tags wins. Kim Jong-guk's suspicions exploded at Yang Se-chan, who was going to compete twice.

When I stepped on it myself, the members slipped on the much slippery floor, unable to climb much. The mountain almost climbed to the halfway point with great speed, but unfortunately failed. When Jin Ji-hee's operation to step on Kim Jong-guk holding on to the plastic failed, Kim Jong-kook arrived at the base camp alone.

Kim Jong-guk released his fingers and immediately stopped him, causing laughter in the mountain, where he succeeded in running hard and hanging on. Kim Jong-guk, who named him first, caught Jin Ji-hee, but Jin Ji-hee, who ripped the name tag, began to tear off Arin's name tag in anger. The first result was Kim Jong-guk's yellow team, who won the first place.

The second round was easily named by Kim Jong-guk and Yoo Jae-suk first. Ji Suk-jin, who arrived at the base camp, slipped down at Yoo Jae-suk's kick. Ji Suk-jin, who tried again, was furious, saying, "Yoo Jae-seok, I'm really going to kill that."

As a result of the mission, Nostra and Damus were both unpredictable in their rankings. Kim Jong-guk used 3 votes for Haha and 2 votes for Yang Se-chan, and Jin Ji-hee used 1 vote each for Haha and Yang Se-chan. Haha, who is the most suspicious, is in trouble, and Nostra is his true identity.

As a result of the voting, the person who made it to the final candidate was Seok-Jin Ji with 13 votes and Suk-Jin Ji with 9 votes, and the penalty was confirmed. Haha, who turned out to be a Nostra, rushed to Kim Jong-guk, who was suspicious of him, and said, “Kill it!” But he was thrown out.

Then Ji Suk-jin was not Damus. The real Damus was Yang Se-chan. Yang Se-chan appealed for his hard work and tried to manipulate Ji Suk-jin as Damus for those born in 1999. Kim Jong-guk, who recognized the two right away, said, "At the beginning, Yang Se-chan moved unnaturally, so I said 'okay'", making Yang Se-chan and Haha tired.

Ji Suk-jin and Haha performed the soapy water slide penalty.

On the other hand, SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' is broadcast every Sunday at 5 pm.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

My K-Star Family Episode 1 + 2 Super Junior’s Yesung, BTOB’s Eunkwang, IZ*ONE’s Kang Hye Won, WayV, THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, Sub English Dec Ist 2021

Watch: Super Junior’s Yesung, BTOB’s Eunkwang, IZ*ONE’s Kang Hye Won, WayV, THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi, And More Get To Know Each Other In “My K-Star Family”

The upcoming variety show “My K-Star Family” (previously known as “How a Family Is Made”) has released new teasers!

“My K-Star Family” is a new variety show starring Son Ho Young, Super Junior’s Yesung, former Wonder Girls’ Yubin, BTOB’s Eunkwang, Lim Nayoung, THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, former IZ*ONE’s Kang Hye Won, WayV’s Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi, and Kim Kang Hoon. The show’s format is to form virtual “families” among the stars in various combinations.

One teaser introduces the cast members one by one in various settings, such as wearing school uniforms, holding flowers in a field, going farming, going camping, acting cute for the cameras, and generally goofing off. Some members have a parent-child or sibling vibe through comments like, “I’m making money in order to feed you,” while others have a more married couple vibe (“I feel like I’m a bride”).

Another teaser kicks off by showing the cute and clumsy sides of the “My K-Star Family” cast, but also goes into the natural deep emotions that the word “family” brings out in people. Although the cast members are awkward around each other at first, they slowly open up to each other. Lim Nayoung and Kang Hye Won exchange flowers and rings with unseen cast members, while Hyunjae and Yubin tear up.

My K-Star Family” premieres on December 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST & Full Information coming soon HERE

Knowing Bros Episode 308 Husband, I like it because it makes a lot of money… Let's spend the night" English Sub

 Aiki "♥ Husband, I like it because it makes a lot of money… Let's spend the night" (Children) [General]

Dancer Aiki mentioned her husband.

In JTBC's 'Knowing Bros' broadcast on the 27th, the leaders of Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter', Gaby, Hyojinchoi, Lihei, Noje, Monica, HoneyJ, Rijeong, and Aiki appeared. 

Following last week, the 'Guess Me' corner was held. First of all, Aiki said, "There was a time when I was misunderstood because of my father. It happened at the wedding." 

He said, "When I got married, my father was in his 40s," he said. 

In addition, he said, "It was my wedding anniversary right before the final of 'Swoopa'. But we couldn't spend it together." "It must have been difficult, but I'm thankful that I made a lot of money. ' he shouted, surprising everyone.

Leehei boasted of his extraordinary singing skills. He said that he won the grand prize at the Jeju Youth Song Festival in the past, and he showed admiration for his high-level singing ability with Gummy's 'adult child'. 

Then, Hyojin Choi revealed a difficult past. After working as a battle dancer in Busan and moving to Seoul, he said, "It was hard to make a living. I was going through realistic difficulties. At that time, my hair was this long, but I had to cut my hair because the shampoo was too expensive." 

In addition, after taking one dance academy class, he said, "I suddenly said, 'If you tell me to quit tomorrow, can you quit? Let's work with us'. I thought it was a scam. There are many people who dance, but it is the first time I have seen anyone who dances earnestly.” 

In addition, Ri Jung said that she had appeared on a life information program in the past and said, "I went to eat with Just Jerk. I ate deliciously in the back, so the director said, 'Your friend eats so well, shall we try it?' So I expressed it freely." It brought smiles to those who spoke.

الاخوه المدركون الحلقة 308 الترجمة العربية

 ايكي "♥ زوجي ، يعجبني لأنه يجني الكثير من المال ... لنقضي الليل" (الأطفال) [عام]

ذكرت الراقصة آيكي زوجها.

في بث برنامج "Knowing Bros" على قناة JTBC يوم 27 ، ظهر قادة "Street Woman Fighter" و Gaby و Hyojinchoi و Lihei و Noje و Monica و HoneyJ و Rijeong و Aiki.

بعد الأسبوع الماضي ، تم إجراء ركن "Guess Me". أولاً وقبل كل شيء ، قال آيكي ، "مر وقت أسيء فهمي فيه بسبب والدي. حدث ذلك في حفل الزفاف."

قال: "عندما تزوجت كان والدي في الأربعينيات من عمره".

بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، قال: "لقد كانت ذكرى زواجي قبل نهائي" Swoopa ". لكننا لم نتمكن من قضاءها معًا." "لا بد أن الأمر كان صعبًا ، لكنني ممتن لأنني كسبت الكثير من المال." صرخ فاجأ الجميع.

تفاخر ليهي بمهاراته الغنائية غير العادية. قال إنه فاز بالجائزة الكبرى في مهرجان جيجو لأغنية الشباب في الماضي ، وأبدى إعجابه بقدرته الغنائية عالية المستوى مع "الطفل البالغ" من Gummy.

ثم كشف هيوجين تشوي عن ماضٍ صعب. بعد العمل راقص معركة في بوسان والانتقال إلى سيول ، قال: "كان من الصعب كسب لقمة العيش. كنت أعاني من صعوبات واقعية. في ذلك الوقت ، كان شعري طويلًا ، ولكن كان علي قص شعري لأنه كان الشامبو باهظ الثمن ".

بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، بعد أن أخذ فصلًا دراسيًا في أكاديمية الرقص ، قال: "قلت فجأة ،" إذا طلبت مني الاستقالة غدًا ، فهل يمكنك تركها؟ لنعمل معنا ". اعتقدت أنها خدعة. هناك العديد من الأشخاص الذين يرقصون ، لكنها المرة الأولى التي أرى فيها أي شخص يرقص بجدية ".

بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، قالت ري جونغ إنها ظهرت في برنامج معلومات عن الحياة في الماضي وقالت: "ذهبت لتناول الطعام مع جست جيرك. أكلت طعامًا لذيذًا في الخلف ، لذا قال المدير ،" صديقك يأكل جيدًا ، يجب نحن نحاول ذلك؟ لذلك عبرت عن ذلك بحرية ". جلبت الابتسامات لأولئك الذين تحدثوا.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Korean fans go to other countries to see the first BTS concert after the outbreak.

In koreatimes.co.kr posted and claiming that When BTS, the Korean pop sensation, announced that their first in-person concerts since the outbreak would be in the United States, Kim Ji-eun instantly booked a trip and a hotel room, hoping that COVID restrictions would allow her to attend all four shows.

Permissive admission laws have so far prevailed in both South Korea and the United States, allowing Kim and other fully vaccinated, die-hard BTS fans to see their heroes in person for the first time since their last tour, which spanned North America, Europe, and Asia, ended in 2019.

On Nov. 27-28 and Dec. 1-2, the seven-member trio will perform four "Permission to Dance on Stage" concerts at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

"It's a historic event," Kim said ahead of her departure from Seoul on Thursday. "I'm just so happy and excited to meet BTS and other fans, and share our energy and hearts hoping for an end to the pandemic."

A 40-year-old mother and YouTube content creator, Kim said she and her friend had to engage in a "nightly click war" to secure their concert tickets.

Waiting for her flight at Incheon International Airport, Kim had a bag stocked with fan staples such as BTS branded glow sticks and snacks, as well as pandemic-era necessities such as her vaccination certificate and COVID-19 self-test kit.

Since their 2013 debut, BTS has spearheaded a global K-Pop craze with catchy, upbeat music and dances, as well as lyrics and social campaigns aimed at empowering young people.

The band won the top prize of artist of the year at the American Music Awards for the first time on Sunday, and best pop song for their summer hit "Butter," among other awards.

As the pandemic spread last year, the band postponed and then called off what was meant to be its biggest international tour involving nearly 40 concerts. Instead, it has held online shows.

Having the new shows in the United States - which continues to have a much larger COVID-19 outbreak than South Korea but has fewer rules on gatherings - left some fans who can't make the international trip feeling left out.

"I was so glad to hear about the concerts, but it's a shame for me being unable to go, especially as I had just become a fan right after the pandemic hit," said Emily Seo, a Seoul resident who said because of her job and young baby she couldn't risk testing positive for the virus and having to be quarantined.

Some fans have lamented on online communities that BTS didn't opt to kick off the tour at home, while others say they are now global superstars no longer bound by commitment to local fans first and foremost.

The band's management, Bit Hit Music, did not respond to a request for comment on its choice of concert venues, but has said the decision reflected national and regional health regulations and other conditions.

"It's great BTS is enjoying global attention and making a big name, but I have to admit that I'm sad on the other hand because that means fewer chances for me to see them here," Seo said. (Reuters)

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Murderer’s Shopping List Episode 1 + 2 + 3 Upcoming Korean TV Drama Sub English / Information

The starring cast for tvN's upcoming drama "Murderer's Shopping List" (literal translation) has been confirmed!

"Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Seolhyun, and Jin Hee Kyung have been cast as the three stars," the drama's producers revealed on November 26.

"Murderer's Shopping List," based on Kang Ji Young's novel of the same name, is a comedy-thriller set in a regular neighbourhood on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket receipt becomes a critical piece of evidence when a suspicious death is discovered near an apartment complex, kicking off an intriguing hunt for the culprit.

Lee Kwang Soo will play Ahn Dae Sung, the son of grocery owner Jung Myung Sook, in the drama (to be played by Jin Hee Kyung). Although he was formerly a genius with exceptional memorising abilities, an occurrence at his mother's market when he was ten years old changes his life forever.

Despite his amazing intellect and observation abilities, Ahn Dae Sung is currently going through a difficult period after failing the examination to become a public servant for the third year in a row. In fact, his exceptional memory appears to be a handicap in his life, cluttering up all of the available space in his brain with worthless data.

AOA’s Seolhyun will star in the drama as Ahn Dae Sung’s girlfriend Do Ah Hee, a passionate police officer who has only had eyes for him from a very young age. When a body is discovered near an apartment building, Do Ah Hee steps up to catch the culprit herself.

Finally, Jin Hee Kyung will star as Jung Myung Sook, a supermarket owner and Ahn Dae Sung’s fearless mother. Jung Myung Sook has a lot of love for both her husband, who is incompetent but handsome, and her son, who is foolish but endearing. Due to her hard work and business savvy, she manages to grow her small neighborhood store into a large supermarket that takes up an entire two-story building.

The producers of “Murderer’s Shopping List” remarked, “Now that actors Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Seolhyun, and Jin Hee Kyung have been cast as our three leads, we feel more secure and at ease than ever. Our super(market) heroes, the likes of whom have never been seen before, will deliver both joyful laughs and overwhelming suspense at the same time. Please look forward to it.”

“Murderer’s Shopping List” is currently slated to air in the first half of 2022.

Are you excited to see Lee Kwang Soo, Seolhyun, and Jin Hee Kyung in this new drama?

Running Man Episode 581 ATEEZ’s San, Oh My Girl’s Arin, And “The Penthouse” Star Jin Ji Hee Fight - Sub Enlgish 28 Nov 2021

Running Man” Cast, ATEEZ’s San, Oh My Girl’s Arin, And “The Penthouse” Star Jin Ji Hee Fight To Save The World In Exciting

Running Man” has shared a thrilling sneak peek of its upcoming episode featuring ATEEZ’s San, Oh My Girl’s Arin, and “The Penthouse” star Jin Ji Hee!

On the next episode of the variety show, the cast members will go back in time to New Year’s Eve 1999, when Y2K fever was sweeping the globe and people were worried that the new millennium would mark the end of the world.

In the newly released preview, a news anchor dramatically announces that Nostradamus—the 16th-century French astrologer known for his apocalyptic prophecies—has been reincarnated. According to the “Running Man” staff, Nostradamus is now hiding among the cast members and guests, the rest of whom must fight to save the world from impending doom.

As they split up into teams and face off in a Nerf gun battle to pop one another’s balloons, HaHa complains, “San, you have no mercy!” However, shortly afterwards, the captions tease that some of the members are behaving strangely, and San warns someone, “Don’t trust them! I was betrayed!”

Narrowing down the suspects for the traitorous Nostradamus in their midst, he producing director (PD) informs them that Nostradamus is hidden among HaHa, Ji Suk Jin, San, and Yang Se Chan. Both Ji Suk Jin and Yang Se Chan loudly proclaim their innocence, but as the clock ticks down to midnight and the year 2000, the cast members become more suspicious of one another than ever.

The next episode of “Running Man” will air on November 28 at 5 p.m. KST.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Now, We're Breaking Up Episode 5 inside story behind Sub Indonesia Nonton.

 Inilah mengapa Song Hye-kyo dan God Hye-kyo melakukan .. 'Jihe-jung' reaksi domestik dan internasional 'Sangat nomor satu'

Popularitas 'Now, We're Breaking Up' sangat panas tidak hanya di Korea tetapi juga di luar negeri.

Drama Jumat-Sabtu SBS 'Now, we're breaking up' (bermain Jane/Sutradara Gil-Bok Lee/Creator Line & Kang Eun-Kyung/Produser Samhwa Networks, UAA/selanjutnya 'Jihe-jung') manis, asin, pedas, dan asam, yang ditulis sebagai 'perpisahan' dan dibaca sebagai 'cinta'. Ini adalah perpisahan yang pahit sebenarnya. Kepekaan melodi yang mendalam dari penulis Jane, keindahan visual sutradara Lee Gil-bok yang mempesona, Song Hye-kyo (Ha Young-eun) dan Jang Ki-yong (Yun Jae-guk) pertunjukan penuh gairah dan chemistry melodi terbaik di kelasnya. memimpin respons eksplosif.

Potensi 'Jihe-jung' juga dibuktikan dengan angka. 'Jihe-jung' yang telah ditayangkan hingga ke-4 kalinya, menempati peringkat pertama dalam peringkat keseluruhan untuk drama Jumat-Sabtu ke-4 berturut-turut. Di episode ke-2, rating penonton tertinggi saat ini melonjak menjadi 10,5%. Yang perlu diperhatikan di sini adalah 'Jihe-jung' menempati peringkat pertama dalam rating keseluruhan untuk drama Jumat-Sabtu, terutama hari Sabtu selama dua minggu berturut-turut. Pada November 2021, drama-drama kuat ditayangkan pada hari Jumat dan Sabtu di berbagai saluran seperti saluran terestrial, umum, dan kabel. Di antara mereka, Sabtu malam disebut sebagai medan pertempuran terbesar di mana semua drama terpanas berpotongan. Ini adalah bukti bahwa cinta pemirsa untuk 'Jihejung' adalah yang terkuat.

Di sisi lain, bahkan dalam jumlah penayangan klip SMR, yang disebut sebagai ukuran aktualitas, 'Jihejung' membuat rekor yang luar biasa. 'Jihejung' melampaui 11,5 juta penayangan klip SMR meskipun hanya 4 episode yang ditayangkan. Tidak mudah untuk memecahkan angka 10 juta dalam satu drama akhir-akhir ini, ketika konten telah tumbuh secara eksponensial. Rekor 'Jihejung' dapat dikatakan sebagai angka yang sangat tidak biasa. Dan ini sesuai dengan tempat pertama dalam kesenjangan besar berdasarkan mini-seri Jumat-Sabtu. Ini melampaui tidak hanya karya-karya yang bersaing dalam periode waktu yang sama tetapi juga drama yang mulai ditayangkan lebih awal dengan lebih dari 4 juta tampilan.

Angka aktualitas yang sebenarnya juga kuat. 'Jihejung' menempati peringkat pertama dalam menanggapi pencarian TV untuk drama selama dua minggu berturut-turut menurut Good Data Corporation. Song Hye-kyo, center dari melodrama 'Jihe-jung', menduduki peringkat pertama topik pemeran drama selama dua minggu berturut-turut. Istilah pencarian terkait seperti 'Jihe-jung' Song Hye-kyo, 'Jihe-jung' pakaian Song Hye-kyo, 'Jihe-jung' air mata Song Hye-kyo, dan barang-barang terkait terjual habis satu demi satu, menjadikannya drama terpanas. Dalam peringkat mingguan Wave (15 November - 21 November), di mana pemutaran ulang terestrial dimungkinkan, 'Jihejung' dengan bangga menempati posisi pertama. Hal ini juga jelajah di tempat kedua di Coupang Play.

Di atas segalanya, reaksi luar negeri sangat menggembirakan. Di platform video ViKi, 'Jihejung' menempati posisi teratas di lima pasar utama termasuk Eropa, Amerika Selatan, Amerika Utara, India, dan Oseania. Selain itu, dalam kasus saluran Viu, yang menyediakan layanan global, 'Jihejung' menempati posisi pertama di beberapa negara di Asia Tenggara termasuk Hong Kong dan Thailand. Tampaknya ini adalah hasil dari kepekaan melodi 'Jihe-jung', yang menggambarkan emosi paling universal dari 'cinta' manusia, dan aktualitas aktor termasuk dewi Hallyu Song Hye-kyo.

Meski baru 4 episode yang ditayangkan, reaksi publik terhadap 'Jihejung' sangat eksplosif. Jumlah penggemar yang antusias dengan 'Jihejung' dan tak sabar menunggu penayangan 'Jihejung' selanjutnya terus meningkat tidak hanya di Korea tetapi juga di luar negeri. Inilah alasan mengapa Anda tidak dapat melewatkan 12 episode tersisa dari 'Jihe-jung,' drama Jumat-Sabtu terkuat. Sementara itu, drama Jumat-Sabtu SBS 'Now, We're Breaking Up' tayang setiap hari Jumat dan Sabtu pukul 10 malam.

"Saya harap Anda tidak jatuh ke pekerjaan sebelumnya"... Mengatasi kebisingan casting dan produksi 'School 2021' adalah tugas [Comprehensive]

 'School 2021' bertemu pemirsa setelah liku-liku.

Pada tanggal 24, presentasi produksi online drama Rabu-Kamis baru KBS 2TV 'School 2021' diadakan. PD Kim Min-tae, Kim Yo-han, Jo Yi-hyeon, Choo Young-woo, Hwang Bo-reum-byul, dan Jeon Seok-ho menghadiri acara ini.

'School 2021' adalah sebuah karya yang menggambarkan mimpi, persahabatan, dan kegembiraan anak-anak yang memilih jalan selain kompetisi ujian masuk, dan mimpi, persahabatan, dan kegembiraan 18 pemuda yang ditempatkan pada batas yang ambigu. Ini adalah angsuran ke-8 dari seri KBS 'School', yang telah menghasilkan bintang-bintang luar biasa sejak 1999, dan merupakan yang pertama dalam empat tahun sejak 'School 2017'.

'School 2021' melalui proses produksi yang kasar hingga penayangan pertamanya pada tanggal 24. Awalnya dijadwalkan akan ditayangkan dengan judul 'School 2020', tetapi para aktor kecuali Kim Yohan turun dan organisasinya kacau. Setelah itu, perusahaan produksi baru merencanakan 'School 2021' dengan mengkasting Jo Yi-hyun, Choo Young-woo, dan Hwang Bo-reum-byul.

Namun, pada tanggal 18, SR Pictures, produser 'School 2020', mengajukan tuntutan terhadap produksi drama tersebut terhadap Rae Mong Lain, produser 'School 2021', Kingsland, dan perusahaan penyiaran KBS. Namun, Kingsland saling berhadapan, mengklaim bahwa 'School 2021' tidak ada hubungannya dengan konten yang diproduksinya dengan SR Pictures. Selain itu, pada bulan September, tuntutan pidana diajukan terhadap CEO SR Pictures karena melanggar Undang-Undang tentang Hukuman Berat Kejahatan Politik dan Ekonomi (penipuan).

Selain itu, Kim Yo-han, aktor utama, dinyatakan positif Corona 19 pada tanggal 14 dan siaran pertama ditunda selama seminggu.

Mengenai hal ini, PD Kim Min-tae mengatakan, "Kami berusaha keras untuk membuat karya yang sebanding dengan seri sebelumnya.

Dia menambahkan, "Ketika saya bergabung sebagai sutradara, saya harus membuat rencana ulang, jadi saya tidak punya banyak waktu, jadi itu menjadi beban, tetapi saya mencoba yang terbaik. Tolong beri banyak minat."

Yohan Kim juga mengatakan, “Bukankah senior-senior terkenal di serial 'School' membuat karya yang bagus? Tetap saja, aku berusaha keras untuk syuting. Tentu saja, itu menjadi beban.

Serial sekolah KBS telah menghasilkan banyak bintang, termasuk aktor Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-hee, Choi Kang-hee, Ha Ji-won, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin, Nam Joo-hyuk, dan Kim Se-jeong.

Serial sekolah KBS telah menghasilkan banyak bintang, termasuk aktor Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-hee, Choi Kang-hee, Ha Ji-won, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin, Nam Joo-hyuk, dan Kim Se-jeong.

Produser Kim Min-tae, ketika ditanya aktor mana yang harus ditonton di 'School 2021', berkata, "Ini pertanyaan yang sangat sulit." membangkitkan

Dia melanjutkan, "Sebenarnya, aktor Kim Yo-han, Jo Yi-hyeon, Choo Young-woo, dan Hwang Bo-reum-byul berada di jalur yang benar sampai batas tertentu, jadi saya mendapatkan bantuan. Kim Kang-min (sebagai Ji Ho-seong), Seo Hee-sun (Go Eun-bi), dan Lee Ha-eun (Jung Min-seo) kemungkinan akan dipilih.

Di sisi lain, PD Kim Min-tae mengatakan tentang perbedaan dari karya sebelumnya, "Jika Anda telah menekankan konflik atau tujuan untuk mengambil jalan tertentu, 'Sekolah 2021' ini akan menghibur pemirsa bahwa tidak apa-apa bagi pemirsa. atau siswa seusia untuk memilih jalur apa pun. "Saya ingin menyampaikan pesan kenyamanan dan pertimbangan kepada mereka yang akan menjadi pemirsa utama yang bersekolah, 'Ada banyak pilihan dan jalur di depan Anda, dan tidak apa-apa untuk memilih jalan mana saja, jadi kamu tidak perlu merasa terbebani'." .

'School 2021' akan tayang perdana pada tanggal 24 jam 21:30.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

الاخوه المدركون الحلقة 307 Penthouse الترجمة العربية

 أظهر القادة الثمانية في Street Woman Fighter الذين أسسوا برنامج Knowing Bros من JTBC إحساسهم الفريد بالترفيه.

في حلقة 'Knowing Bros' ، التي تم بثها يوم 20 ، الزعيم Lachika Gabby ، Proudman Monica ، Weibee Noze ، Want Hyojinchoi ، Hollybang HoneyJ ، Coca N Butter Leehey ، Hook Eye المكونة من 8 أفراد من طاقم Mnet's Street Woman Fighter Key وظهر YGX Rijeong.

في هذا اليوم ، ظهر القادة وهم يرقصون "يا ماما". لقد دفعني أعضاء فريق Knowing Bros للرقص قائلين ، "Min Kyung-hoon هو J-Black في" Knowing Bros ". ردا على هتافات القادة ، تقدم مين كيونغ هون ورقص ، واستمتع القادة معا. رأت مونيكا رقصة مين كيونغ هون وارتجفت قائلة ، "أنت جيد جدًا ، لماذا لم ترقص؟"

نيابة عن القادة ، قدمتهم مونيكا على أنهم "طلاب رائعون من الذين استولوا على كوريا بالرقص." قال Lee Sang-min ، "لم أستطع مشاهدة Dol Sing for Man لأنني كنت أشاهد البث من الحلقة الأولى حتى النهاية. كانت مونيكا هي التي جعلتني أشاهد الحلقة الأولى وأشاهدها حتى النهاية." قالت مونيكا ، "لدي مزاج قذر للغاية. كنت أنام في المنزل لأفكر في أنني لن أشاهد العرض ، قائلة إنني إذا أظهرت أعصابي في بث ذلك اليوم ، فسأكون شتمًا للغاية."

ثم يتذكر ، "عندما استيقظت ، تلقيت عشرات المكالمات الهاتفية وازداد عدد المتابعين. اعتقدت أنني بدأت ألعن عندما قال ليب جي ،" أنت في ورطة كبيرة "، لكنني فجأة حصلت على مجاملات.

لم تكن Honey J هي الزيارة الأولى لـ "Knowing Bros". قبل ثلاث سنوات ، ظهر كراقص احتياطي عندما ظهرت المغنية بورا في برنامج Knowing Bros. قال أعضاء 'Knowing Bros' ، "عندما خرج Bora ، تأثرت Honey J ،" وشكرت Honey J Lee Su-geun على ذكر اسمه.

إلى ذلك قال الأعضاء: "اشتقت لبورا" وفجأة ظهرت بورا قائلة: "اشتقت إليك أيضًا". تلقت بورا ، التي ظهرت مرتدية ملابس سوداء ، موجة من التصفيق الحار بإعادة رقصها التي كانت ترقصها قبل ثلاث سنوات. وأعربت هني جي عن امتنانها قائلة: "قالت بورا ،" لا ، فستان جميل ، لأن بورا جاءت باللون الأسود ، لكنها جاءت مرتدية الأسود ". قال بورا ، "لقد رأيت Swoopa أيضًا ، شعرت بأنها جيدة جدًا وأردت الرقص لأن الراقصين الآخرين قدموا عروضًا رائعة ، ليس فقط Honey J ،" قال Bora.

قال غابي: "اعتقدت أننا مثيرون حقًا" بشأن محاكاة "Street Woman Fighter" في العديد من البرامج التليفزيونية مؤخرًا. قال Aiki ، "كنت صانع المزاج" ، قائلاً إنه "Lee Su-geun من" Swoopa ". قال هيوجين تشوي ، الملقب بـ "الأم الوطنية" ، "فريقنا هو فريق قائم على المشروع. لقد قدم الكثير من التشجيع لعملية قيادة هؤلاء الأصدقاء من خلال البرنامج. خرج" ، قال.

أما عن سبب اختياره Seo Jang-hoon ليكون شريكه المأمول ، فقالت Honey J ، "هناك تذمر مشترك. عندما قال Seo Jang-hoon ،" إذا رأتني Honey J في الخارج ، قال الأعضاء ، "هل ستذهب هل تراني بالخارج؟ "قال Seo Jang-hoon ،" أنا لا أتحدث بالخارج "، وسألت Honey J ،" إذن هل ترغب في الالتقاء بالخارج؟ "أجاب Seo Jang-hoon ،" عندما تنتهي الهالة ".

اعترفت Ri Jung بأنها تعتبر مونيكا بمثابة دعمها الروحي. قال ، "فريقنا ربح معركة اللقب على المستضعف. كنت خائفًا حقًا من معركة السباحة الحرة ، لكن الشخص الذي كسر كل شيء هو مونيكا." قال ، "أعلم أنني خائف ، لذلك قال لي أن أتدرب معًا وأعطاني النصيحة والثناء. فكرت عندما فزت."

تابع ريجونغ ، "أسمع الناس يقولون ،" يمكنني أن أصبح آيدول ، "لكنني لم أصبح راقصًا أبدًا لأنني لم أستطع الغناء أو الراب. وأضاف ،" لقد أصبحت راقصًا لأنني أردت أن أرقص "و" أنا أفتخر بكوني راقصة ".

قال Noje أيضًا أنه سُئل عن سبب عدم تحوله إلى آيدول مثل Rijeong. قال: "ذهبت إلى الإشعار ودعوت والديّ للحصول على إذن بالرقص ، وكان من الصعب الحصول على إذن. ذهبت للرقص ، لكنني قلت ،" لماذا لست من المشاهير؟ عزيزي J ، الذي كان مدرسًا بالمدرسة الثانوية في Noje ، قال ، "لقد كانت جميلة جدًا. سألته أيضًا لماذا لم يكن من المشاهير ، فقال: "أنا من سأل".

قالت آيكي إنها ظهرت في برنامج تلفزيوني أمريكي للترويج لأسلوب رقصها ، وهو مزيج من اللاتينية والهيب هوب. قال: "أريد أن أصبح راقصًا مع برونو مارس عندما يزور كوريا". قال لي سانغ مين ، "بإمكان برونو مارس الاتصال بك أولاً. يمكنه الاتصال أولاً ، وليس لأنه يزور كوريا."

كتب Honey J Lehei عن "أفضل إنجاز Swoopa". قال: "تحدث (ليهي وكوكا آند باتر ، اللذان يعملان معًا لمدة 7 سنوات) مع بعضهما البعض ليصبحا مستقلين ، وانتهى الأمر بشكل جيد.

قال LeeHey ، "لم أكن أعرف أن HoneyJ ستظهر في Street Woman Fighter ، وقد قال ،" في مهمة No Respect ، اختار فريقنا الأشخاص الذين يحترمون. لقد اخترنا Honey J من قلب يحترم حقًا. "كما يتذكر Honey J ،" لقد عانقته قبل بدء المعركة. كان يعني أننا يجب أن نفعل بشكل جيد. كنت على وشك البكاء ، لكن كان علي القتال ، لذلك تحملت الأمر ".

استدعت مونيكا ، التي كانت تشاهد الاثنين لفترة طويلة ، مرحلة المسابقة وقالت: "لقد ذكرني كثيرًا بالماضي. ليس من السهل القيام بنفس الحركات ، لكنها بدأت في التكرار. فجأة انخرطت في البكاء . " "الرقص لا يكذب ، أنا 30. لقد أكلت ستة فقط ، لكنني اعتقدت أن لحظة كهذه ستأتي."

قال ليهي: "أنا و Honey J لدينا الكثير من الأماكن التي نلتقي بها. أعضاء فريقنا في الغالب أرجواني ، لذلك نحاول إنشاء مكان يمكن للأعضاء تكوينه مع Honey J." بعد ذلك ، تذرف Honey J دموعها عندما رأى التعليقات التي تركتها Lee Hey قبل 7 سنوات.

Now, We Are Breaking Up Episode 4 Tonton Sub indonesion


'Jihe-jung' Song Hye-kyo, terkejut dengan kematian Shin Dong-wook "Apa yang aku pegang?" [Umum]

Song Hye Kyo terkejut.

Pada tanggal 20, dalam drama Jumat-Sabtu SBS 'We're Breaking Up', Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo), dikejutkan oleh kematian Yoon Su-wan (Shin Dong-wook), digambar.

Pada hari ini, Yoon Jae-guk (Jang Ki-yong) mengaku kepada Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo), "Yoon Su-wan adalah kakak laki-lakiku. Dan dia meninggal 10 tahun yang lalu," dan Ha Young-eun terkejut.

Ha Young-eun pergi sendirian di kantor yang gelap dan berkata pada dirinya sendiri, "Apa yang telah saya pegang sampai sekarang? Apa yang telah saya jalani dengan susah payah untuk dilupakan?

Setelah itu, merek Sono dipindahkan dari lantai 2 ke lantai 3 department store, dan Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo) hanya mengatakan "Maaf" satu demi satu di pertemuan eksekutif. Hwang (Joo Jin-mo), yang tampak seperti Ha Young-eun, berkata, "Ini tidak seperti kemarin bahwa merek kami didorong ke luar negeri, dan itu bahkan bukan satu atau dua salinan."

Mendengar ini, Hwang Chi-sook (Choi Hee-seo) terkejut, berkata, "Kalau begitu Sono kita... Apa yang akan terjadi pada Sono... apakah itu akan hilang?" Ha Young-eun pergi ke department store bersama Nam Na-ri dan Ahn Seon-joo, mengatakan bahwa dia harus meninggalkan toko dengan membawa sampel.

Sementara itu, Yoon Jae-guk bertemu dengan Shin Yoo-jung dan berkata, "Saya pikir saya akan tinggal untuk waktu yang lama." Namun, Ha Young-eun melewati Yoon Jae-guk.

Setelah itu, Ha Young-eun bertemu dengan Jeon Mi-sook (Park Hyo-joo), dan Ha Young-eun menangis sambil berkata, "Misook-ah, pangsitku habis. Ini akan berakhir. Dia bilang dia mati. Suwan katanya dia meninggal saat datang kepadaku hari itu." 

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