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211219Jisso - Snowdrop Episode 2 - A dramatic reunion... [ Exclusive] English Sub

'Snowdrop: Snowdrop' (hereinafter 'Seolganghwa') caught the eye with its rapid development from the first episode.

The fateful reunion between Jung Hae-in (Soo-ro) and Ji-soo (Ahn Young-ro) was drawn in the JTBC Saturday drama 'Seolganghwa', which was broadcast on the 18th.

On this day's broadcast, Yeong-ro (Joo Ji-soo), a freshman at Hosu Women's University, meets Su-ho (Jeong Hae-in), who is disguised as a graduate student from a Korean-German origin, again in a dramatic way.

Young-ro, Hye-ryeong (Shin Jung-hye), Seol-hee (Choi Hee-jin), and Bun-ok (Kim Hye-yun) went to a 4v4 bangting. Young-ro has a crush on Su-ho at first sight, but was disappointed that Bun-ok chose Su-ho first in the partner draw.

Afterwards, Young-ro meets Su-ho again at the record store he visited after the meeting, and he builds up his emotions by rescuing him from a crisis caused by police crackdowns. Youngro promised to return the price for the tape Suho bought, and made an appointment to meet again. However, Suho didn't show up at the meeting place and disappointed Youngro.

Six months later, Suho was chased by the Ministry of National Security while performing a mission received from the North, and hid in the dormitory No. Young-ro, who found a blood-stained man in an emergency situation when the security staff had entered the dormitory, was surprised to realize that the man was Suho whom he had met in Bangting six months ago.

This day's broadcast captivated viewers with the thrilling romance of Suho and Youngro, the powerful actors' acting full of presence, and the fast-paced development. In particular, the three-dimensional characters and actors were well-received.

Gang Cheong-ya (Yoo In-na), a surgeon with fatal charm, Lee Kang-mu (Jang Seung-jo), an governmental security agent with a strong presence, Jang Han-na (Jung Yu-jin), cold principleist Pi Seung-hee (Yoon Se-ah), an honest telephone operator Gye The actors of various roles, from Bun-ok (Kim Hye-yoon), Nam Tae-il (Park Seong-woong) and Eun Chang-soo (Heo Jun-ho), who fight for political power, focused the attention of the viewers with their dense acting in every scene.

In the second episode of 'Seolganghwa', which will be aired on the 19th, Lee Kang-mu, who was chasing Suho, and the Ministry of Security and Public Administration's dormitory thoroughly search the dormitory, Yeongro and the students in dormitory No.

JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Seolganghwa' is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm, featuring political conspiracies and espionage warfare against the backdrop of the 1987 presidential election, and a romance that blooms in the midst of it.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 12 Received the seal... English Sub

'Red sleeves' Lee Jun-ho received Lee Deok-hwa's scepter.

On the afternoon of the 18th, in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'Red end of the sleeves', which aired on the afternoon of the 18th, Lee Deok-hwa, who remembered his promise to Crown Prince Sado, passed on the throne to Lee Jun-ho.

On that day, Yeong-jo (Lee Deok-hwa) learned of the existence of Dongdukhoe and took out the soldier's sword. He threw a knife at Lee San (Lee Jun-ho) and said, “Do you want the old king to disappear? They are greedy for women, neglectful of learning, and cherish dissatisfaction if they give up their souls, and curse the old kings to die and disappear.”

Next, Yeongjo grabbed Lee San's collar and said, "Lee Seon, you man. You've gone mad and killed over a hundred people. Did you think you would survive just because you were my child? Dare you stick a dagger in your old father’s heart?” he shouted.

Lee San shrugged Yeongjo's hand and said, "I'm not the father! The mountain is coming, Halva Mama. Please see my son. Even just once is fine, so please look at me, not my father. The mountain is coming,” he shouted. Surprised by this, Yeongjo called Hong Jeong-yeo (Jo Hee-bong) Jwaui-jeong and asked if this child was the Crown Prince and asked if it was my son.

Hong Jeong-yeo said, “It’s not the crown prince, it’s three descendants,” and Yeongjo grabbed his head. Afterwards, Yeongjo realized that it was Lee San and was confused by asking that this year was the 5th year of Lim. He said, “What about this? The king must judge and decide. I'm the king, and I can't do it anymore."

At the sight, Lee San said, “Sir, please rise again. As the king of Joseon, please make the final decision. Even if I had to kill Soson, I would rather follow him. At this rate, the court will be divided in two, the people will be divided in two, and this country, Joseon, will fall into extreme chaos. Please rise again and fulfill your last duty as a king.” Yeongjo said, “It’s a mountain. Why is it so cold?” he exhaled.

Jungjeon Kim (Jang Hee-jin) visited Daejeon and said that there was a gold lantern that he had to show to Yeongjo. To Yeongjo, who did not know English, the middle warden Kim ordered Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) to tell him where the gold lantern was.

At this time, Jo (Park Ji-young), who came to Daejeon, knelt down Lee Se-young and said, “How dare you disturb the heart of the supreme lord without even knowing the heavens and earth. All of this comes from the dwarf's fault. middle mama. I don't know what these nine people said to trick Mama to come here, but it's all lies. This nine will be taken to the Inspector General Sanggung by Soin, and the crime will be revealed in detail.”

When the thunder roared, Yeongjo shouted, and Seongdeok-im, who shook off the hand of Mr. Jo, a manufacturing merchant, said, “It is said that on that day in the 5th year of Lim, thunder and lightning struck like today. The Crown Prince's breath was completely cut off, and when the official came in and told him, His Majesty wrote an appealing document and put a seal on it. You made the document as promised, and you hid the document in the place you promised. please remind me Who did you make a pact with, and where did you hide the document? Your Majesty already knows.”

Mumbling that he had a headache, Yeongjo fumbled for the picture behind the throne, tore it apart, and found the Geumdeung branch. Yeongjo, who unfolded this, said, “Blood-stained red ginseng. Oh Dong. Who is the goldsmith and who is the Cheonchu? I regret it. Guain's handwriting seems to be correct. Here's the jade stamp. I remember. I made a pact with that kid. Instead of killing my child, I will surely spare only three of my children and put them on the throne. After the child's death, as a token of the treaty, Gwain wrote the letter and put a seal on it. And I hid it there. I made a pact with him to do that,” he said.

Lee San asked who he made a pact with, and Yeongjo said, “Your father. My son, Crown Prince Sado.” Yeongjo, who had a headache again, ordered Jeong Baek-ik (Kwon Hyun-bin) to bring Princess Hwawan (Seo Hyo-rim) to him. When Princess Hwawan came, Yeongjo said to him, “To the three generations. You have to tell it yourself so that everyone here will know what I mean.”

Princess Hwawan, who knelt down, how could she have given this order to herself, crying. Yeongjo said, “I am already dead as a king. Abby is the king So I'm dead. listen all Guain will no longer be able to fulfill the lord's duties. From this moment on, I will entrust the scepter to the three descendants of my successor, and let him rest in peace. Princess, hurry up and deliver the seal.” Princess Hwawan shed tears and delivered the royal seal to Lee San.

Meanwhile, the MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'Red End of the Sleeve' can be seen at 9:50 PM.

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The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 11 An Adorable Puppy In

The secret of the letters on Lee Se-young's shoulder has been revealed.

In the 11th episode of the MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'The Red Sleeve' (played by Jeong Hae-ri, directed by Jung Ji-in, Song Yeon-hwa), which was broadcast on December 17, Lee San (Lee Jun-ho), who was in danger of being deposed by Park Sang-gung (Cha Mi-kyung). Seong Deok-Im (Lee Se-Young), who found a way to save her, is depicted.

On this day, Park Sang-gung told Seong-deok-im, who was suffering from the crisis of separation, how to protect the separation. Park Sang-gung said to Seong-deok-im, "The lord has made a promise. I will surely raise my three sons to the throne until the very end. Your Majesty has forgotten that memory now." You have to give it,” he advised.

Then, Park Sang-gung said, "I have a document. The document was written by the supreme lord and sealed with a seal. Find the document and show it to lord lord. "He said.

After that, Seong Deok-im hurriedly visited Hye-bin Hong (Kang Mal-geum) and announced the existence of Yakjo. Deok-im Seong showed the tattoo on her back as proof, and said, "Hurry up to find Governor Geum-deung."

After seeing Hwihang, Hyebin Hong remembered Crown Prince Sado's nanny, Sanggung Park Sanggung. Seong Deok-im told Hye-bin Hong, "The Crown Prince asked that he be placed on the throne with only the three sons alive instead of laying down his life. Hyebin Hong shed tears at the sacrifice of Crown Prince Sado.

Also, Seong Deok-im said, "There are three clues to find the Geum-deung-ji. The first is that Hwi-hang. The second is (Ja-nim's) tune. The third is", and Hye-bin Hong quickly explained why Seong-deok-im showed her shoulders. Noticing, "The letters on your shoulder. Your father was the most trusted lieutenant of the Crown Prince. He engraved the letters on your shoulder. That's it." 

 Get ready for an explosion of cuteness on the next episode of MBC’s “The Red Sleeve”!

“The Red Sleeve” is a historical drama about the imperial romance between crown prince Yi San (played by Lee Junho), who later becomes emperor, and the strong-willed court lady Seong Deok Im (played by Lee Se Young).


On the previous episode of “The Red Sleeve,” Yi San attempted to confess his feelings to Seong Deok Im, but she stopped him and reminded him of the importance of his goal of becoming king. The couple then agreed to temporarily set their blossoming romance aside so that Yi San could focus on ascending to the throne.

However, in newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Yi San and Seong Deok Im manage to spend some time alone together in a quiet area of the palace. Amidst the falling rain, the couple enjoys a sweet afternoon with an adorable puppy that’s sure to give viewers heart eyes.

211216 Black Pink Jisoo @ 'Snowdrop' a series of surprises and "There are many shortcomings.." Information

''Snowdrop'' Jung Hae-in and Ji-soo talked about each other's breathing.
On the afternoon of the 16th, an online production presentation of JTBC's new Saturday and Sunday drama 'Snowdrop: The Snowdrop' (hereinafter 'Solganghwa') was held. Actor Jung Hae-in, Black Pink Jisoo, and director Jo Hyun-tak attended the scene.

''Snowdrop'' is a desperate love story that goes against the times of Su-ho (Jung Hae-in), a prestigious college student who suddenly jumps into a dormitory at a women's university in Seoul in 1987, and Yeong-ro (Jisoo), a female college student who hides and heals him despite the terrible surveillance and crisis. A work containing

Jisoo, who took the first step as an actor with this work, said, "I read the script before I auditioned for the first time, and I was drawn to Youngro because he is a bright and attractive friend, and I thought it would be good if he could share his bright energy with people." said. He continued, "I was nervous and very nervous. But when I actually went to the set, I felt like a real hero. Everyone took good care of me, so I was able to enjoy filming," he said.

Jisoo, who picked Jung Hae-in as the senior actor who helped him the most, said, "Senior Jung Hae-in, who had the most attached scenes, took care of me a lot. He also worried about the character a lot.

Jung Hae-in, who is challenging the first drama period drama, said, "The texture is completely different from previous works, and there are differences in character, so you will feel it after watching. said.

Then, when asked about how he and Jisoo were working together, he said, "I was amazed at every shoot. Acting is something we make together, and he was very considerate of that part, and if there is a part the director asks for, he understands it right away. "It's not easy to express it, but it was surprising to realize it well. There were a lot of lines because the character at the center of the story was Yeong-ro, but I think he captured the center well. I was grateful while filming."

Jisoo said, "Since it's my first time, I didn't know how I was going to come out, and there were a lot of things I was lacking.

In addition, Jung Hae-in said, "If the director shows a gag, Ji Soo responds perfectly." "Every time I went to the set, I was happy and always looking forward to what kind of filming it would be. The staff all wore masks, but nonetheless everyone laughed The atmosphere was so good that I could feel it." Director Jo Hyun-tak gave a laugh by adding, "Thank you to Jisoo."

'Snowdrop' will premiere on the 18th at 10:30 PM.

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Melancholia (2021) Episode 11 "My heart is true" English Sub

'Melancholia' Lee Do-hyeon and Im Soo-jung fail to kiss "You don't have to hide it"

'Melancholia' Lee Do-hyun failed to kiss Im Soo-jung.

In the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Melancholia' broadcast on the 14th, Baek Seung-yu (Lee Do-hyun) comforted Ji Yoon-soo (Lim Su-jeong), who was skeptical about math problems.

Baek Seung-yu touched Ji Yoon-soo as if he were kissing, but Ji Yoon-soo put down Baek Seung-yu's hand.

Baek Seung-yu said, "You don't have to hide it. You did that to me. Don't close your heart and don't hide it." At this time, someone secretly filming the two of them made a noise, and Baek Seung-yu followed them, but missed the mysterious person.

After that, when Ji Yoon-soo was about to leave the library in the middle of the rain, Baek Seung-yu wrapped Ji Yoon-soo with his jacket, and the mysterious voyeur filmed the two of them. Around Ji Yoon-soo and Baek Seung-yu, there were voyeurs attached by Noh Jung-ah (Jin Kyung) and Noh Yeon-woo (Oh Hye-won), respectively.

 'Melancholia' Lee Do-hyun revealed his feelings for Im Soo-jung.

In the 11th episode of the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Melancholia', which was broadcast on the 15th, Baek Seung-yu (Lee Do-hyun) confessed his feelings for Ji Yoon-soo (Im Su-jeong) to Ji Hyun-wook (Oh Gwang-rok).

On this day, Baek Seung-yu found out that Choi Si-an (Shin Su-yeon) was at Ji Hyeon-wook's nursing home, and headed directly to the nursing home. Baek Seung-yu sent Choi Si-an home and headed to the hospital room with Ji Hyun-wook.

In particular, Baek Seung-yu said, "Professor, I have nothing to say, even if you scold me. I like my daughter a lot. I know. You are unreliable and anxious. But please believe in this one thing. My heart is true. There are no errors or contradictions." confessed his feelings for

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211219 Red Velvet’s Joy - The One And Only Episode 1 + 2 English

JTBC’s new drama “The One and Only” has released a new poster showing the synergy of the three female leads!

“The One and Only” is an emotional romance drama about three terminally ill women who meet at a hospice. They decide that before they die, they want to take down one bad guy before they go – but in their attempt to take down just one person, they end up meeting the most valuable person of their lives. Ahn Eun Jin stars as Pyo In Sook, a woman recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. She joins Sung Mi Do (Red Velvet’s Joy) and Kang Se Yeon (Kang Ye Won) on a journey of realizing the meaning of life.

The black-and-white poster gives a glimpse of the “womance” of Pyo In Sook, Sung Mi Do, and Kang Se Yeon. They gaze out into the distance with warm and meaningful smiles. Their deep eyes seem to contain unique stories, and viewers are eagerly awaiting to find out more about the drama that will penetrate their hearts.

Pyo In Sook, Sung Mi Do, and Kang Se Yeon all come from very different lives, but one thing they have in common is that have been alone all this time. After finding out about their terminal illnesses, they meet at a hospice where they learn what it’s like to rely on someone. The text on the poster reads, “Those who had never been a ‘we’ before have become a ‘we’ before death.”


211218 Jisso - Snowdrop Episode 1 + 2 - [ Exclusive] English Sub

Actress Jeong Hye-young and Kim Jeong-nan of 'Seolganghwa' had a nerve war.

In the JTBC Saturday drama 'Snowdrop: Snowdrop', which was first aired on the 18th, the meeting between Seong-shim Seong (Kim Hye-young) and Hong Ae-ran (Kim Jeong-nan) was depicted.

Earlier, Nam Tae-il (Park Seong-woong) and Eun Chang-soo (Heo Jun-ho) had a nerve war to win the favor of the President. Nam Tae-il's wife Seong-shim Seong-shim said to Ji-sera Hong Ae-ran, "The military, seniors and juniors are important, but the trust of Code One is power and rank. Rep. Eun Chang-soo seems to keep forgetting that simple thing, but Mrs. Hong should do better. No," he pressed.

Jo Sung-shim then laughed, saying, "Is she three years older than me?" and Hong Ae-ran said, "You're a woman, aren't you following your husband's rank?" and just bent down. After that, Seong-shim stomped on Hong Ae-ran's feet and passed by, shocking her. Afterwards, Hong Ae-ran said, "You dare to young," and boasted a sad blue look.

Jung Hae In, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, And Director Share Key Points To Look Out For In “Snowdrop”

Ahead of the premiere of JTBC’s new drama “Snowdrop,” director Jo Hyun Tak and lead actors Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shared key points for viewers to look out for.

Directed and written by the “SKY Castle” team, “Snowdrop” takes place in Seoul in 1987. The drama depicts the love story between Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a student at a prestigious university who rushes into a women’s university one day covered in blood, and Young Ro (Jisoo), a student at the women’s university who hides and takes care of him despite facing danger under close surveillance.

Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s chemistry

Director Jo Hyun Tak picked Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s chemistry as a key point in the drama. He said, “Going beyond just simple chemistry, you can already feel the complete story when Jung Hae In and Jisoo stand next to each other. While filming, I always looked forward to their appearance.” He shared that Jung Hae In and Jisoo always took care to match up their emotions and movements on set. Jung Hae In praised his co-star by saying, “Jisoo is just Young Ro herself. Her expression of her character was amazing.” Jisoo responded by saying, “I was very fortunate to have Jung Hae In as my first acting partner.”

In addition to Jung Hae In and Jisoo, “Snowdrop” boasts a star-studded cast of Yoo In Na, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yoo Jin, Heo Joon Ho, Park Sung Woong, Kim Jung Nan, Jung Hye Young, Lee Hwa Ryong, and Baek Ji Won. These brilliant actors will play a diverse cast of characters. Director Jo said, “I want to emphasize the work of the ensemble cast of 70 actors who brought to life the terrible incidents that take place inside the dorm.” Jisoo added, “I hope that people can look out for the various stories of the diverse characters that appear.”

Blending genres of romance and spy action

Actor Jung Hae-in enjoyed his eyes.

On the 18th, Jung Hae-in posted a picture on Instagram with the words "Snowdrop day".

In the photo, Jung Hae-in is wearing comfortable clothes and posing outdoors in the snow.

He closes his eyes and smiles with his whole body.

Jung Hae-in will appear in the JTBC JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama 'Snow Ganghwa: Snowdrop' together with Black Pink's Jisoo.

Jung Hae In And BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Have An Intriguing First Encounter At A Group Date In “Snowdrop”

JTBC has shared a sneak peek of Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s first meeting in “Snowdrop”!

Directed and written by the “SKY Castle” team, “Snowdrop” takes place in Seoul in 1987. The drama tells the love story between Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a student at a prestigious university who rushes into a women’s university covered in blood one day, and Young Ro (Jisoo), a student at the women’s university who hides and takes care of him despite facing danger under close surveillance.

Newly released stills from the upcoming drama capture Su Ho and Young Ro’s fateful first encounter. The two meet at a coffee shop with six other young men and women for their group blind date. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the blossoming romance. In particular, Kye Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon), a phone operator at the women’s university dorm, is attracting attention with her colorful outfit and bold makeup. Su Ho, who has never been to a blind date before, is wearing a beige jacket that highlights his warm nature. Will Su Ho and Young Ro choose each other as partners, and how will they continue their relationship in the future?

The drama’s production team stated, “This is a scene where Su Ho and Young Ro, who meet for the first time through a blind date, get strange feelings about each other. Please watch to see how their relationship will continue.”

JTBC’s “Snowdrop” premieres on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.
Full episode information ** HERE ** after few hours.

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has released a new poster of the charming main duo!

Directed and written by the “SKY Castle” team, “Snowdrop” takes place in Seoul in 1987. The drama tells the love story between Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a student at a prestigious university who rushes into a women’s university covered in blood one day, and Young Ro (Jisoo), a student at the women’s university who hides and takes care of him despite facing danger under close surveillance.

The new poster showcases Young Ro and Su Ho closely facing each other while romantically looking into each other’s eyes.

Young Ro’s hand is placed on Su Ho’s shoulders while she looks up into his eyes. The warm lighting mirrors their chemistry, reflecting on the upcoming youthful romance.

The words on the poster read, “I hoped that it was just the fate of the two of us,” previewing the unexpected turns in their relationship.


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The Red Sleeve Cuff [2021] who touched Lee Jun-ho's false accusations, 'crisis' (comprehensive) - Episode 10 English Sub

Lee Deok-hwa fell into Park Ji-young's trap and was in danger.

In the 10th episode of the MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'The Red Sleeve' (played by Jeong Hae-ri / directed by Jung Ji-in, Song Yeon-hwa), which was broadcast on December 11, Lee San (Lee Jun-ho)'s political crisis was repeated.

On this day, after experiencing the treason case, Isan hurriedly returned to the palace with the soldiers of the National Guard Agency. Jo (Park Ji-young), who was the first to hear this news, moved swiftly. Manufacture Sanggung Jo moved Jung-Yeo Hong (played by Jo Hee-Bong) to make him appear in an audience with Yeong-Jo (played by Deok-Hwa Lee).

Hong Jeong-yeo played a role in igniting Yeongjo's suspicions. Hong Jeong-yeo would argue that Lee San led the soldiers of the Guardian Office to the city and that the people were trembling in fear, and that the three generations had treason, but this was an excuse. He insisted on showing it, and quarreled.

As if he had fallen for it, as soon as Isan returned, Yeongjo took away his wealth and dispatched Ahn Haksa to find out the truth about the treason case. Isan's residence was moved to the right side of Daejeon (the palace was moved). Manufacturer Sanggung Jo was a ploy to plan something else for ten days when Ahn Hak-sa would return.

Seongdeok-im (Lee Se-young), who was in trouble, was ordered to keep the library and stayed there, worrying about separation. Seong Deok-im unwittingly expressed her love for her by saying, “I miss you.”

This confession of holiness was heard. After spending time with Seong-deok-im, Lee San asked, "Who was the person you wanted to see in the library earlier?" As if vaguely aware that the other person was her, Lee San tried to confess, "Deok-im, I can't pretend that I'm not anymore. I don't want to. If your heart is the same as mine, then what I want to say is. .

However, Sung Deok-im said refusal this time as well. When Seong Deok-im heard that Lee San promised to give him a reward for stopping the rebellion, he said, "You said to think about your wish. My descendant will ascend to the guardhouse safely. Don't think about anything else until that day. You must become a good king. Other work Do you have time to think about it?" he asked.

Lee San, knowing the meaning of Seongdeok-im, was about to turn away, but when he heard Seong-deok-im's words from behind, "Please be safe," he came back and kissed her on the forehead. Lee San said, "I won't be able to come for a while. Have a good time," and indirectly revealed that he will work hard to ascend to Bowie for the time being.

Meanwhile, Yeongjo summoned Mr. Jo of the manufacturing house and apologized for the past years. In response, Jo asked why Yeong-jo chose Yeong-bin (Nam Ki-ae) as his concubine over him in the past. Yeongjo said that when he saw Mr. Jo, a manufacturing merchant, he looked like a mirror, and Yeongbin said that it was like a resting place. Manufacture Sanggung Cho understood everything.

On the way to see Seo Sang-gung (Jang Hye-jin), Seong Deok-im accidentally hears the voice of Kang Wol-hye (Ji-eun) threatening Seo Sang-gung. Accordingly, Seong Deok-im began to speculate that Gwanghan Palace might be behind the treason at Haenggung.

Seong Deok-im took action to prevent Seo Sang-gung from losing his life as a member of the treason. With the help of his comrades, Seong Deok-im secretly infiltrated into the residence of Mr. Seongdeok-im was planning to go to the Yeonjangjang of Gwanghangung Palace and erase the name of Seosanggung Palace. And while the comrades used their wits to make time for Jo, Sanggung Jo to visit the residence, Seongdeok-im and Seo Sang-gung found an ammunition (secret entrance) leading to Gwanghan Palace and headed inside.

Seong Deok-im and Seo Sang-gung found Hwi-hang (a hat worn in the cold) that Park Sang-gung (Cha Mi-kyung) wanted to convey to Lee San earlier. Park Sang-gung, who was tortured and imprisoned in a secret prison, was also found. Seong Deok-im left this place with Park Sang-gung, and Jo Sang-gung Jo found an empty prison and could not hide his disappointment.

Even in difficult times due to Yeongjo's suspicions, Lee San persevered, thinking that he was holy. At that time, Seongdeok-im was nursing Park Sang-gung hidden outside the palace. And Princess Hwawan, who was introduced to the deliberation by the manufacturing company to destroy Isan, aroused a sense of crisis by telling her a plan to destroy three generations at once.

Then something happened at the banquet. Jungjeon Kim (Jang Hee-jin) informed Yeongjo, "It seems that everyone gathered here has prepared food for His Majesty," and for entertainment he recommended "guess who prepared which food." Then, in a certain sequence, raw and crab appeared. This is touching Yeongjo, who is suspected of poisoning his older brother Gyeongjong. It was also the food that Jo, the manufacturing merchant, had planned to destroy Isan before the arrival of Ahn Heksa.

Of course, Yeongjo was angry. Yeongjo frantically wandered in search of the owner who uploaded the food, saying, "Let's see. Who would put this kind of food on Guain?"

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211210 “Where are we at this end?”: ATEEZ, the agony and excitement of youth 'Night Flight' and 'Fashion' [New song on the way home from work]

The group ATEEZ's double title song with opposite charms depicts the various aspects of youth.
ATEEZ released the first repackage EP 'ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE', along with the double title songs 'Turbulence', 'The Real' ( Heung: 興 Ver)' music video was released.

This album by ATEEZ is an album that covers the previous 'Fever' series, and contains a total of 10 tracks including the double title songs 'Turbulence' and 'The Real (Hung: 興 Ver)'. It will show the colorful charms of ATEEZ. Looking back on their hot and intense journey drawn through the 'FEVER' series, this album presents a musical narrative through a solid structure from the first song to the last song, embodying AEEZ's

The group ATEEZ's double title song with opposite charms depicts the various aspects of youth.

ATEEZ released the first repackage EP 'ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE', along with the double title songs 'Turbulence', 'The Real' ( Heung: 興 Ver)' music video was released.

This album by ATEEZ is an album that covers the previous 'Fever' series, and contains a total of 10 tracks including the double title songs 'Turbulence' and 'The Real (Hung: 興 Ver)'. It will show the colorful charms of ATEEZ. Looking back on their hot and intense journey drawn through the 'FEVER' series, this album presents a musical narrative through a solid structure from the first song to the last song, embodying ATEEZ's worldview.

The two music videos released together add to the fun of seeing and hearing with the opposite charm of emotion and intensity.

With such a more mature voice, attention is focused on what kind of new story ATEEZ will come back with in the future, which announced the end of the 'FEVER' series that has been going on since July last year.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

211210 Stray Kids, ATEEZ, TXT & more to collab for 2021 MAMA opening stage; Wanna One pre recording cancelled

2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards is gearing up to be the biggest night of the year as the news about its opening performance comes through. The award show has roped in a star-studded lineup for the special stage. Starting strong right off the bat, members from groups TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, ITZY, aespa and ENHYPEN will be hopping on for the grand unveiling.

Called ‘BlooM the Sound’, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, ITZY’s Yeji, aespa’s Karina, and ENHYPEN’s Heeseung will perform a joint stage. The six will be representing the crème de la crème of the K-pop industry’s 4th generation while this never-seen-before combination will surely leave the fans stunned.

In other news, Wanna One is set have a reunion at this year’s MAMA and the Wannables have been more than excited to welcome the charismatic 10 members back into their lives. With a teaser and revelation about a new rendition of their smash hit ‘Beautiful’, the stakes are high for the project group.

However, the pre-recording for the stage was cancelled on November 10 after one of the staff members tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Wanna One members as well as the crew have all said to have undergone tests and are waiting for the results. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for the latest changes in the schedule.

The 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards will be held on December 11 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST).

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Proves She Was Born Flawless In Her Latest Instagram Post - She’s so gorgeous! 2021


Just in case you didn’t already know BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was the epitome of gorgeous, she’s here to remind you in her latest Instagram post!

Jisoo’s no makeup visuals have wowed BLINKs on many occasions in the past, but her latest Instagram post truly takes the cake. As a refresher, take a look at a few of her most gorgeous, no-makeup moments. Here she is celebrating Christmas while barefaced.

Here she is looking even prettier than the flower she’s holding.

Today, Jisoo took her all-natural visuals one step further by sharing her “just got out of bed” hair with the world on Instagram!

She captioned the post “bed hair :).” Can you believe her hair is this perfect looking even when she just woke up?!?

While showing off her bed hair, Jisoo also wore little to no makeup. She once said that the members, including herself, wear mascara, lipstick, and concealer for their natural look. If she’s got any makeup on in these photos, however, it’s totally undetectable and simply highlights her natural beauty.

BLINKs were amazed that Jisoo’s hair looks this amazing first thing in the morning.

Melancholia Episode 10 English Sub Past scandals → hugging tears [General]

'Melancholia' Lee Do-hyeon ♥ Lim Su-jeong, traumatized by past scandals → hugging tears [General]
'Melancholia' Lee Do-hyun revealed his affection for Im Soo-jung.

In the 10th episode of the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Melancholia', which aired on the 9th, Baek Seung-yu (Lee Do-hyun) comforted Ji Yoon-soo (Lim Su-jeong).

On this day, Noh Jung-ah (Jin-kyung) tried to enter the room where Ji Yoon-soo was eating. At this time, Baek Seung-yu was also in the same restaurant, preventing the meeting between Noh Jung-ah and Ji Yoon-soo.

Baek Seung-yu called Ji Yoon-soo and told him to come out. Baek Seung-yu met Ji Yoon-soo and explained what he was doing, and as Noh Jung-ah approached, he embraced Ji Yoon-soo in his arms. Ji Yoon-soo hurriedly returned home, but suffered from breathing difficulties as he recalled what he had experienced at Asong High School.

In addition, Baek Seung-yu left the dinner table with Noh Jung-ah and headed to Ji Yoon-soo's house. Baek Seung-yu talked to Ji Yoon-soo, and Ji Yoon-soo was in agony, saying, "I can't breathe." Baek Seung-yu took Ji Yoon-soo to the hospital, and showed his affection by taking great care of him.

In particular, Baek Seung-yu was related to the report on the suspicion of preferential treatment for the Ahseong gifted school, and he intentionally approached Seong Ye-rin (Uda-bi) for revenge.

Baek Seung-yu persuaded Ji Yoon-soo, "When those people fight, we do it together."

Baek Seung-yu said, "I haven't achieved much, but I can do that again. But there is something I don't want to lose again. I believe. I want to. That's all I want."

In addition, Ji Yoon-soo ran to the school in the middle of the night to check the answer when the math problem could not be solved. Ji Yoon-soo has been traumatized about mathematics since the scandal 4 years ago.

Baek Seung-yu found Ji Yoon-soo, and Ji Yoon-soo left the place as if running away. On the contrary, Ji Yoon-soo got angry, and Baek Seung-yu said, "Are you embarrassed? Because you can't solve such a problem?"

Baek Seung-yu said, "But why do you look at the answer first? You should have solved it until it was solved. It wasn't like that before. The joy you feel when you solve it without looking at the answer. The pain you feel when you do not solve it. You enjoyed all the anxiety and trembling felt while solving it. "He said sorry.

However, Ji Yoon-soo said, "I don't have that anymore. What does it have to do with my life if I can't solve math problems? What's different about that? What's math?"

Baek Seung-yu said, "I wanted to solve it. So after writing and writing, I came here because I wanted to know the answer. Even if I don't think about it, I remember it, even if I don't want to look, I see my head, my hand writes and writes at will and eventually runs to school in the middle of the night and runs all night. We played the book and enjoyed it. The two of us. What is math?" he appealed, and Ji Yoon-soo finally shed tears.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Melancholia Episode 9 English Sub Affectionate Romance

'Melancholia' Lee Do-hyun and Lim Su-jeong revealed their revenge towards Jin-kyung.
In the 9th episode of tvN's 'Melancholia', which was broadcast on the 8th, Baek Seung-yu (Lee Do-hyun) showed his feelings for Ji Yoon-soo (Im Su-jeong).

On this day, Ryu Seong-jae (Choi Dae-hoon) saw Baek Seung-yu and Ji Yoon-soo together and misunderstood the relationship between the two. Afterwards, Ryu Seong-jae said, "Unlike Yoon-su, you were able to be protected from that incident not because you were a good mathematician, but because you were a minor at the time.

Baek Seung-yu asked, "Is this advice you are giving because you are thinking of me?" Ryu Seong-jae said, "No. It's a warning. Please, get out of Yoon-soo's life. Don't approach him again."

Baek Seung-yu said, "With what qualifications. When you were qualified, you didn't do anything, and now you are not qualified? And it doesn't matter what you say to me, so don't be reckless with that person."

Ryu Seong-jae sarcastically said, "Isn't it the same with each other? It's nothing like then or now. You too," and Baek Seung-yu provoked by saying, "As you said, I was a minor then, but not now."

Also, news was reported about the suspicion of preferential treatment at Ahseong Gifted Learning School, and Ji Yoon-soo ran to Baek Seung-yu. Ji Yoon-soo said, "What have you been doing? Are you trying to become a whistleblower?" Baek Seung-yu said, "Everything will come out one by one.

Ji Yoon-soo lamented, "Do you think you can say that? Why couldn't I do something that was easy?" Baek Seung-yu asked, "Tell me what you're going to do now.

In the end, Ji Yoon-soo said, "Exposure. It's not about the past, but about what's happening now. I'll give it back the same way. The way they did it."

Ji Yoon-soo said, "I told you to live your life. Forget all the old things," and Baek Seung-yu said, "How can I forget? I've never forgotten. I will do everything. I will deal with all the people I have to deal with."

However, Ji Yoon-soo turned around, saying, "I won't do anything with you. It wasn't in my plan for you to come back. There will be errors."

In particular, Ji Yoon-su approached Noh Jung-ah (Jin-kyung)'s daughter Kim Ji-na (Kim Ji-young). Not only that, but Ji Yoon-soo was in danger of being revealed to Noh Jung-ah, and Baek Seung-yu noticed this in advance and helped Ji Yoon-soo to increase the tension in the play.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

211207 MONSTA X's 'Rush Hour' practice behind the scenes

The behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes of MONSTA X's 'Rush Hour' choreography practice was revealed. 

On the 6th, on the official YouTube channel, Monsta X posted a video of the preparation process for choreography practice for the title song 'Rush Hour' of the mini album 'No Limit'. 

MONSTA X, who gathered in the practice room to practice choreography before their comeback, made fans' hearts flutter by showing off their natural and modest visuals. In addition, after discovering the camera taking pictures of themselves, the members shared eye contact, revealing the side of a 'cheerful' that could not be hidden. 

As the full-scale practice began, MONSTA X showed the amount of practice that the modifier 'believes and hears' was understood at once by examining each choreography movement in detail. In particular, he showed off his professional charm by burning his passion without showing any difficulty despite repeated practice.  

MONSTA X continued to practice what they lacked with the choreographer during their free time, and showed a cleaner and more complete group dance, arousing admiration from the viewers. 

The members who appeared with overflowing energy on the next practice day raised each other's tension and meticulously matched the choreography, creating a warm atmosphere. MONSTA X perfectly performed the high-level choreography that filled the practice room with the sound of breathing, demonstrating the presence of a different class.

Monsta X, who recently completed their activities successfully by winning 5 music shows and breaking their own Initial Chodong record with 'Rush Hour', is appeasing fans' disappointment by releasing various contents one after another despite the hiatus. 

MONSTA X is active with tours of the movie 'MONSTA X: THE DREAMING', which will be released on the 8th, and the regular US albums 'THE DREAMING' and 'Jingle Ball', which will be released on the 10th. plans to unfold  

Monday, December 6, 2021

211207 The One And Only Episode 1 + 2 Ahn Eun Jin And Red Velvet’s Joy, Sub English

Kang Ye Won Discusses Her Character In “The One And Only,” What It’s Like To Work With Ahn Eun Jin And Red Velvet’s Joy, And More

Kang Ye Won dished on her upcoming drama “The One and Only” that also stars Ahn Eun Jin and Red Velvet‘s Joy!

“The One and Only” is an emotional romance drama about three terminally ill women who meet at a hospice. They decide that before they die, they want to take down one bad guy before they go – but in their attempt to take down just one person, they wind up meeting the most valuable person of their lives. Ahn Eun Jin stars as Pyo In Sook, a woman recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. She joins Sung Mi Do (Joy) and Kang Se Yeon (Kang Ye Won) on a journey of realizing the meaning of life.

Kang Ye Won described her character as an ordinary housewife that anyone can easily come across. She added, “Kang Se Yeon was practically forced to get married because her mom wanted it and her friends got married too. She naturally quit her job and started to take care of her sick mother-in-law at home. She is an exemplary person who faithfully carries out her duties without any complaints.”

Then one day, Kang Se Yeon completely changes after finding out that she doesn’t have much time to live. She realizes that her “normal” life isn’t normal at all. Kang Ye Won explained why she chose to star in this drama, saying, “I was mesmerized by the story of how Kang Se Yeon comes face-to-face with a true life, one that revolves around her, after suddenly ending up with a terminal illness.”

The actress meticulously prepared herself to express these character changes. In the beginning, she wears large horn-rimmed glasses and comfortable daily clothes to portray an ordinary housewife. She commented, “I made my voice small and shrank my posture to show how Kang Se Yeon is tired of reality and has low self-esteem. But when she gradually speaks her opinions and recovers her self-esteem, I spoke louder and stood up straighter to depict how she becomes someone who goes looking for herself.”

Kang Ye Won also talked about working with Ahn Eun Jin and Joy. She said, “I met both of them for the first time through this drama, and they have such great personalities that we were able to act comfortably from the first meeting, so it was great. As we have many scenes together, we got close quickly. We laugh a lot whenever we film. It’s always enjoyable because the atmosphere is so cheerful.”

Lastly, Kang Ye Won expressed her hope that, through Kang Se Yeon, viewers will be able to examine their life to see if they’re satisfied with it and find a just life for them.

“The One and Only” premieres on December 20 at 11 p.m. KST.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Running Man Episode 582 race... Song won penalty (Running Man) [General] - English Sub

Yoo Jae-seok X Kim Jong-guk wins 'Hyoja-dong Yang Se-chan' race... Song Ji-hyo X Jeon So-min won penalty (Running Man) [General]

Actors Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min won the penalty.

In the SBS 'Running Man' broadcast on the 5th, a scene in which Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min won the penalty while decorated with 'Hyoja-dong Yang Se-chan' race was broadcast.

On this day, the production team paired up two people each: Yoo Jae-seok and Jeon So-min, Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo, and Kim Jong-guk and Haha, and waited in different rooms. The production team said, "As of the broadcast date, December 8th is Yang Se-chan's birthday. So today's race we prepared is the parents who gave birth to the variety newborn Se-chan with their hearts and raised them as filial piety Yang Se-chan."

The production team said, "We will send greetings to the parents who want to be filial the most. Only one pair of parents can receive greetings. The parents who were chosen by their son Se-chan will be given pocket money."

Kim Jong-guk showed confidence, saying, "You can't come in my room," and Haha replied, "The other hyungs were nice too, but in fact, he breastfed me. I know."

In addition, Yoo Jae-suk asked, "Didn't you have a relationship?" Jeon So-min exclaimed, "Actually, she's an entertainment wife."

Yang Se-chan eventually went to Kim Jong-guk and Haha's room, and confessed, "This is the place I should definitely come. I have to do filial piety." Kim Jong-kook was delighted that it would have been terrible if he had gone to another team, and Yang Se-chan shivered, saying, "I also passed by for a moment and thought that today would have been terrible if I had gone to another team."

Afterwards, Yoo Jae-suk expressed his sadness and nailed it, saying, "(Kim Jong-guk, Haha, Yang Se-chan) are all the children I raised." Kim Jong-guk agreed, saying, "Your grandfather is right."

Then, the rules were revealed, and Yang Se-chan was able to pay 1 million won in running money prepared by the production team as pocket money as much as he wanted when he wanted. The top two people were going to get a prize, and the bottom two people were going to get a penalty.

The production team pointed out, "I write down 5 behind-the-scenes stories about my son Yang Se-chan and go to the VJ in charge to exchange them for a lottery ticket."

The first mission was 'the back of the head mafia'. I had to hit one of the citizens in the back of the head except for the Mafia's own team, who was selected as a bad luck. If they captured the mafia, it was a victory for the citizens, and if not, it was a victory for the mafia.

The first and second rounds of the mafia were Jeon So-min and Yoo Jae-suk, respectively, and both of them completely concealed their identities and took first place. 2nd place was Kim Jong-guk and Haha, and 3rd place was Ji Suk-jin, Song Ji-hyo, and Yang Se-chan.

In addition, the members set a table with various foods such as seaweed soup, pumpkin jeon, and fried rice, and ate together, creating a warm atmosphere.

The second mission was 'low frequency in my hand'. One representative of each team was able to attack by touching the opponent's body with low-frequency gloves after wearing gloves and an eye patch with low-frequency massagers connected to both hands. 1st place ended with Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo, 2nd place with Yoo Jae-suk, Jeon So-min, Yang Se-chan, and 3rd place with Kim Jong-guk and Haha.

The last mission was 'Why are you doing this with your family?' The elders of each team were selected as the representatives of each team, and while the team representative was wearing headphones, the rest of the members had to sit side by side and talk to the representative.

If the president requested, the music could be stopped secretly, and points were deducted for the amount of time the music was stopped. As the members knew each other well, they had a relentless battle of revelations. As a result, 1st place was Ji Suk-jin Song Ji-hyo and Yang Se-chan, 2nd place was Yoo Jae-seok Jeon So-min, and 3rd place was Kim Jong-guk and Haha.

As a result of the final summation, Yoo Jae-suk took 1st place and Kim Jong-guk took 2nd place and received the prize. Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min took 5th and 6th places and won the penalty. 3rd place Yang Se-chan received the best Korean beef set, 1st place Jae-seok Yoo received a hand set, and 2nd place Kim Jong-guk received a chicken set.

As a penalty, Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min sang a happy birthday song for Yang Se-chan while equipped with a low-frequency massager.

220225 BLACKPINK Jennie→Song Minho.. 'Business Trip Fifteen Nights 2' YG Family

 From Jennie to Minho Song. YG Family is going to 'Business Trip Fifteen Nights 2'. At 10:30 pm on the 25th, the YG Family will scra...